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    Creating a catapult has shown me many things relating to physics. What we have learned in class that relates back to a catapult is projectile motion and projectile angles. When you use a catapult you can find its velocity, distance, acceleration and time. You are able to find its horizontal and verticle projectile. The horizontal velocity will be constant which means the acceleration will be 0 m/s^2. Its verticle component would have an initial velocity of 0 and its final velocity would increase. You can use the kinematic equations to solve for its velocity, distance, acceleration or time. You just have to know three of the five to find the unknown.
  2. Playing the violin daily has lots of physics. What we have learn these past two weeks is about force and free body diagrams. Applying the bow to the strings of the violin is a force which creates sound. The more force, the louder and the less force, then the less noise. The two forces that would be on a free dot diagram would be gravitational force and the force from you hand pushing onto the bow.
  3. Over the weekend I attended a rave concert. Many people were jumping up and down to the music because that's the only way you can really dance to that kind of music. Physics related to a concert and jumping up and down to the music because you can calculate velocity, distance, and time. Other than jumping around theres not much else except crowd surfing. Free dot diagrams can relate to crowd surfing. Gravity and peoples hands are the forces being applied to the person crowd surfing.
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    Cheerleading can relate back to physics in many ways! The past week we've been talking about kinematics which can relate to cheerleading stunts. Kinematic has to do with velocity, accelaration, distance and time. This relates to stunting because when you're holding someone up in the air and you pop them to catch them in a cradle, it's reflecting vertical kinematics because your flyer is falling down.
  5. Good luck this year em! I hope this year youll have more strength in science! &I'm really excited about this cheer season!
  6. Nice to have you on the team Mir, and I'm happy we have a class together! Hopefully we can help eachother to succeed in this class this year
  7. My name is Chanae and I'm a senior. I'm a cheerleader at IHS and ive been cheering for about 5 years now. Cheerleading is my favorite thing to do and i hope when i go to college I can join the cheer team there also. I love spending time with friends and listening to music also. This year I am taking physics because I thought i might as well take another science class and get more credits. I chose this class specifically because i thought it would be cool to learn about how and why things move the way the do. This year i hope to learn about many many things and i'm excited for all the labs to come!
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