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  1. A young physicst at Irondequoit High School has calculated the acceleration due to gravity,g, in an innovative way. They started off their procedure by timing a nerf ball dropping from the ceiling. One person dropped the ball and timed, while the others recorded the results. After finding the acceleration due to gravity, d=vi(t) + (1/2)(a)(t), they calculated the percent error. They had a 60% error in their calculations. Although their calculations may be off they did a great assessing the acceleration.


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  2.        Here are some things about me. I play football and lacrosse but lacrosse is my favorite sport. I love to joke around and sometimes i joke around too much so I apoligize in advance if im annoying. I am a free spirit who lives a stress free life and plan to keep it that way.

           I am taking phsics because i was forced to take this class. I have hated all my science classes since freshman year. I hope to learn a lot about physics this year while having fun. I know almost nothing about physics so im coming into class this year with an open mind and i am eager to learn as much as possible.

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