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  1. Agreed. I thought it would be just another science class that would have no practical applicatio to life, but it's really gotten me seeing the physics in my everyday life.
  2. Awesome. I'm not a halo fan, but I agree its a mess of physics.
  3. Two favorite games of mine, Assassin's Creed and Batman: Arkham City, are all about physics, whether readers are giving me displacements that run me into walls instead of leading me through my maps or I'm diving to the ground then pulling back up in order tocatch wind, distance, and acceleration. I have to find a way to shoot a poison dart at an angle where I won't be noticed, position myself just right to take criminals down in a sneak attack. Batman especially takes the cake when a sniper is after me and I need to "displace" his position to take him out.
  4. Sounds like you'll do well in physics. Especially since you're taking it beyond your requirements.
  5. Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout. It sounds like you are very dedicated to what you put your mind to.
  6. I'm Sabrina Jade, 17 years old, and have just transfered to this area for my senior year. I am an art student and study arts from visual arts to vocal arts to martial arts. In this new place I'm hoping to get involved in as many functions as possible. My problem is the fact that I keep getting lost in this school. Off the bat, I'll usually keep to myself unless approached by others, but either way I'm happy to see such a great variety of students here. As far as physics go, it was recommended that I take another science class before I graduate high school. So I'm taking it and I now have a great seat right beside the window. The class seems plenty energetic and interesting. Mostly, I hope to spend time applying this to a human anatomy study.
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