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  1. Launch Report and Debrief

    Launch Time: 8:43

    Team Members Present: Dan and Brendan

    Play-by-Play: We launch. Off to a good start. Straight flying. Going as planed. First detachment went smoothly. Reached 10km. reached 20km. going smoothly. 30km, 40km, and we’ve reached 50 km. starting descent. Descent going smoothly. Last detachment, just the command pod left. Back down to 30 km. deployed at 4km. landed safely.


    Time-of-Flight: 7:10

    Summary: We launched with the sole goal to get high in the air. We achieved this goal with flying colors. We made sure we had plenty of fuel and the resources for a safe return. Ass we got higher we lowered the throttle in order to reduce fuel use. When we used the first 3 fuel tanks we detached them and finished the mission with one. When we started to go down we detached the command pod and then launched the parachute as we got close to the ground.

    Opportunities / Learnings: From this launch, we learned how much fuel gets us how far. We were able to make some money, and do this launch safely. It taught us how to plan for a mission and how to put the safety of our astronauts above all else, well, except for profits.

    Strategies / Project Timeline: This will give us additional funds that will help us accomplish much. We hope to start orbiting by our next mission, and than soon after start exporing other celestial bodies. We should be able to continue to bring in profits and expand our organization.

    Milestone Awards Presented: we launched up to 10 km, the launch was manned, and we had a manned launch to over 50 km. This gives us 3 milestones accomplished in our first flight. We are the second ones to accomplish this feat so we get 50% of the reward money.

    Available Funds: by being the second to achieve this, we gained $15,000, but subtracting the costs of our parts leaves us with only a profit of $1,632.8. Ourpost-1404-0-00067100-1432649286_thumb.pn new total funds increases to $101,623.80.






  2. Pre-Launch Design Release

    Team Name: Conuay Conglomerates.

    Available Funds: $100,000

    Vehicle Name: Krash n’ Burn

    Vehicle Parts List and Cost: $13,367.20

    MK1 Command Pod

    MK16 Parachute

    FL-T400 Fuel Tank x3

    LV-T30 Liquid Fuel Engine

    Tr-18A Stack Decoupler

    TT-70 Radial Decoupler x3

    GBACC “Thumper†Solid Fuel Boosdter x3

    AeroDynamic Nose Cone x3

    Standard Canard

    Design Goals: Our Vehicle is designed to go up 50 Km into the air and return safely to the ground. To achieve this we are making sure our vehicle has the proper engines and fuel tanks to reach that height. Then we have many detachable parts and a parachute to ensure safe landing.

    Launch Goal: WE are hoping to learn how much  resources are consumed to get to heigher heigts, and what parts work the best for flying.

    Pilot Plan: The pilot will just be keeping the spaceship straight to make sure it gets the highest height with the least displacement.post-1404-0-16278500-1432648823_thumb.pn






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