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  1. Or more like shape OF the universe! The only book I read anymore is The Cosmic Cocktail by Katherine Freeze, and one topic she came upon was the shape of the universe. This topic is a very hard one to think of in your head, because its hard to imagine a universe in which we live in expanding! Yet as I showed in another blog post, Hubble himself showed that it must be expanding since galaxies are growing farther away from us! So then what just shape are we expanding from?? Or Into??? Well there are three options we have. If the density of the universe is less than the critical mass densit
  2. The life of a star is a long and interesting one, I read about this process in the one and only book The Cosmic Cocktail by Katherine Freeze. The main sequence of a star (which are sun is now in) is when the fusion of four hydrogen atoms to a helium atom releases heat and energy. This type of fusion is hard to even imitate here on earth because we don't have enough energy to make it happen. As this fusion takes place more inert helium is built up until finally all the hydrogen is gone and we are left with a helium filled star. Without any fusion taking place the pressure in the star is n
  3. In my last blog I briefly described how red-shifting has proven the existence of the expansion of the universe but there is much more to it than that as Dr. Freeze describes in her book The Cosmic Cocktail and I try to explain here. Edwin Hubble was the scientist brave enough to disagree with Einstein, but also the one smart enough to prove Einstein wrong. The debate at the time was on the subject of what the universe was actually doing, scientists had already established the fact that the universe was homogenous (looks the same at every point) and isotropic (looks the same in every directi
  4. Nice job stealing my blog post idea
  5. ...in 4 billion years. Yea I got you, you were probably really afraid for a second and frantically clicked this blog to find out if you really HAD to do your physics homework tonight or if it would all be pointless since the end of humanity could be just over the horizon. Well sadly for you it is not, but since you're already reading you might as well find out what will happen when it does. I was of course reading The Cosmic Cocktail again by Katherine Freeze, since that is all that I do now, and came across this little tid-bit while reading about red-shifting. Red-shifting is a term
  6. Katherine Freeze continues her description of the hunt for dark matter in The Cosmic Cocktail describing how the rotational speeds of galaxies, or at least the hypothesized ones, provide more evidence for the phenomena. In short, some very smart people applied a 300 year old equation to data that Mr. Newton himself couldn't have imagined. The equation was Newton' gravitational force equation which says F = (GMm)/r^2 which then would equal centripetal force or F = (mv^2)/r giving you the speed of a body to be v = ((GM)/r)^(1/2). They took this simple equation and applied it to the speeds
  7. I have begun reading a book called The Cosmic Cocktail by Katherine Freeze and was immediately interested into one of the first topics she discusses that helps prove the existence of dark matter. A long time ago, or at least before I was born, Albert Einstein made his Theory or Relativity which stated many things including the fact that light will always travel at the same speed, about 3 x 10^8 meters per second, but he also stated that the gravitational pull of a planet can affect light, or bend it! This phenomena became known as Gravitational Lensing since the planets acted almost like a
  8. I happen to both be a Boy Scout as well as a physics student which I believe to be probably the coolest combination ever. Sooooooo, I decided to apply my physics knowledge to my Boy Scout skillz! On a recent campout to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon I decided to bring a hammock as a lighter alternate to a tent since I would be hiking around 10 miles. When I packed my things I decided to just grab some random rope from my garage for my hammock... which could have been a bad idea! Luckily the rope held up but I decided to find just how strong the rope had to be! Now the hammock was strung
  9. "Bruh do you even lift?", is now a common phrase often heard in our modern world. And while many people think lifting is just a bunch of knuckleheads throwing around weights, in reality it a strenuous exercise that demands perfect technique and lots of practice. So I decided to look into the physics behind lifting to prove my point. I started with benching one of the most well known exercise. A basic workout for me would consist of a warm-up of 10 reps at 135 pounds, then 10 reps at 185, 8 reps at 185 and then 10 reps at 165. If you look simply at the force required for each set you fi
  10. I turn up in science with my TI Calculator
  11. My name is Robert Campbell German, but I go by Campbell, a name often related to the soup brand, and it doesn't help that my hair shares the same color as Tomato Soup... I am a student, a musician, a leader, a Boy Scout, a wrestler and much more. Even though now I'm just a puny high school student one day I have much higher dreams for myself, that would include the military, business and maybe even politics one day, vote for President Campbell! I am currently enrolled in AP Physics C, I took the course because I enjoy the challenge that physics provides. Also I love the practicability of ph
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