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  1. Team Name: Axburns Inc.

    Available Funds: $30,000
    Vehicle Name: Axburn I
    Vehicle Parts List and Cost: Rockomax BACC Solid Fuel Booster ($800), Mk2 Cockpit ($1600), Tail Fins ($1000), Decoupler ($600), Parachute ($400)
    Total Cost: $4400
    Design Goals: We wanted to design a vehicle that would launch successfully and stay upright in the air. We used the fins to keep the ship on course and the nose to facilitate aerodynamic-ness.   
    Launch Goal: We wanted to get to the 50,000m milestone, but we were happy with getting over 10,000m. We reached a maximum height of a little over 31,000m.
    Pilot Plan: Operating the winglets, control pitch
    Illustrations: original_724_20322_1370661161.jpg


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