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  1. I'm with you on the math and science part - I've always enjoyed those subjects the most and I also like the challenge of AP Physics. Love the comic, so accurate!
  2. I am a Physics C student of undisclosed gender. I enjoy chocolate, long walks on the beach, reading, sports, music, sleeping , understanding calc homework (hahaha jokes) and harmonizing to the radio. I think I'm good at working in groups and I'm a pretty even-tempered, easy going person. I can motivate myself to work hard, even if it is at the last minute. Other strengths include tripping and awkwardly pretending it didn't happen, predicting the exact moment when Tim is about to make a really cheesy and overused joke, and eating. Also I'm a pretty good juggler and stiltz-walker, though not at the same time. I wish. I'd definitely like to improve on my procrastination tendencies, as in I'd like to not wait until the last minute to do everything. You can witness this in looking at the time this blog was posted. Also up for improvement are my organization skills. Currently I'm planning to major in Biomedical Engineering, though that may change. I'm also interested in Neuroscience or something involving medicine. This is one of the reasons I'm taking AP Physics C, because I know to be an engineer you have to have a pretty good understanding of physics. Also, I liked AP Physics B last year though it was challenging, and wanted to continue studying physics more in-depth. Much of what I took away from last year was how to memorize equations and what situations to use them for - this year I'd love to work more on understanding the concepts behind them and being able to think about a question analytically and logically. I hope Physics C will help me do this, and I hope I can gain a good enough understanding of the subject to get a 5 on the AP. I'm very excited to be taking another Physics course - last year was overwhelming primarily because I'd never dealt with physics before, but now I'll at least have a basis of understanding for most of the concepts. I'm also excited to do these blog posts, because I like writing and I think it'll be fun to write about the physics I experience in real life and read everyone else's blog posts. Additionally, I'm happy to be in a class where the teacher is very knowledgable not to mention has written a book, has his own website and averages a 4.5 on the AP for all his students - among other things. I'm anxious to incorporate calculus into physics, as I'm already a little iffy with integrals (and Calc BC is a b*#$%). Hopefully the more I do the more comfortable I'll get. I'm also nervous to have to write all the notation involved with doing calculus equations. And of course I don't want to do badly on a test. Last year Mr. Powlin offered retests on every test, so this will definitely be a big change since I won't have a safety net for the tests. Regardless of my fears, I'm excited to be in Physics C! To the first blog of many:
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