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  1. Everyone knows the blue, padded gym walls. If someone was to offer you 10 dollars to punch one as hard as you could, there are at least 5 of you out there who would take it. Well, had i known the physics of a punch, I wouldn't have ended up with a broken pinky. If you're going to punch a blue wall in the gym, keep this in mind. The longer the punch connects with the wall, the smaller the force was. This makes sense logically,, if i hit something hard my hand will bounce back from the collision. If I just Touch it, the collision is a lot less forceful and far less damaging. Airbags rely on this fact as well. Newton's first law accounts for inertia, and in a car accident, inertia might throw you through a windshield. Airbags deploy and you fall into them, keeping contact for much longer than you would have if you smashed into the steering wheel. This weakens the blow, and therefore the damage that the force will have
  2. Sound waves can be seen on an instrument called an Oscilloscope. The idea behind sound waves is that noise emits tine waves that we pick up on. the distance between each wave (called a crest) is wavelength. frequency is the number of waves that pass a point each second. Amplitude is the measure of energy in a sound wave. Sound waves are more easily graphed through trig, as sine and cosine produce graphs in these waves. The higher the intensity of the sound, the bigger the wave is. Sound, like light, takes time to travel. the further distance you are from a sound, the longer it takes to reach you. even when sound is matching up perfectly with what you see, the sounds you hear are reaching your ears at a slower rate. pleasant sounds tend to have a repeating wave, while noise will be extremely erratic and strange looking. Sound is a pressure wave, which actually moves the particles in the air around it back and forth.
  3. This can simply be explained with kinematics. We can apply a free-fall vertical table here, because without the blog posts being accepted this quarter, my grade will be in free fall. Gravity is always accelerating downward at 9.81 m/s^2. Distance, (Distance from my bed the computer) LOOKS like 2,712,268,800 meters (its 3 meters, but were using my perception, Okay?) my initial velocity is 0 m/s, i'm starting at rest, laying down. I know i can move really fast, and there's no distance that can get in the way of my physics assignments. I move at 54,245,376 m/s, toward the desk (which, because this is free fall, is located under me not, alright? no horizontal motion here). I really knew i needed to get these done. The explanation for these late blogs comes now: vf=vi+at 54,245,376m/s=0+9.81m/s^2 t divide by 9.81 m/s^2 t= 5,529,600 s divide this by 86,400 the seconds in a day, and you get 64 days. It has been 64 days since the first day of school. This was the first opportunity I had. This is why my blogs are late.
  4. Procrastination. Really, it's responsible for so much (or so little?). Turns out, It is easily explained by physics! Newton himself theorized that AN OBJECT AT REST WILL STAY AT REST UNTIL ACTED UPON BY AN OUTSIDE FORCE. Turns out I'm not lazy! When I lay in bed while I know i could be productive, It's not my fault. Physics says that I won't move until an outside force makes me. Typically this force is my parents after viewing the infinite campus portal. As sit at my desk, distractions seem to be everywhere. I tend to choose to launch eraser pieces into the waste basket instead of working. Turns out physics can explain this one too! Projectiles paths can be determined using kinematic equations. There are separate tables for vertical and horizontal components, and velocity (initial and final), acceleration, distance, time can all be found. Knowing this, I have no choice but to spend the next 3 hours determining exactly what velocity to apply to the eraser so that it lands in the wastebasket every time. Another reason to procrastinate is how much work it actually is to type. Every tap of my finger completes the F=ma equation. That means to achieve the necessary force to tap a key, I have to apply acceleration to the mass of my finger. Every. Single. Time. Pondering that alone just led me to procrastinate from this post for 10 minutes. Clearly, I the reason I procrastinate lies within physics itself. I am not to blame.
  5. Today in class we covered more laws of motion. As it turns out, the action of walking/jumping/running (Really, pick one) aren't only because you push down and forward. The floor is actually PUSHING RIGHT BACK. "Equal and opposite reaction", one can almost hear Mr.Meredith mumble. But in stricter terms, every force is met by and equal and opposite force, which is Newtons Third law. When one pushes off the floor, they find themselves back on the floor soon after (at least, one would hope). This relates back to newtons First Law of Motion. An object at rest wants to stay at rest; and object in motion wants to stay in motion. If gravity wasn't at work, pushing off the floor would cause you to keep moving upward until you burned up in the atmosphere or bumped your head on the ceiling (of course there are other forces, friction, etc, however i'll only discuss gravity here). We are actively fighting a war with gravity ALL THE TIME. Our movements are all met by it, all the time. The only escape is space. Anyways, next time Mr. Tytler makes a backhanded comment about how fast i run a 5K (i admit, the 29 minute race is a bit embarrassing) i'll simply explain my legs are trying to deal with the way the earth pushes them when i apply force, and my body is engaged in the ongoing conflict with gravity.

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