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  1. The most renown example of waves are ocean waves, however, microwaves serve as another example and daily appliance that showcase the physics of waves. Out of all the frozen foods on the market, Pizza Rolls are my favorite dominant after school snack. When microwaves warm up your food, friction heats up the water molecules in the Pizza Rolls. In turn, this produces heat inside the apparatus. Furthermore, microwaves have a predetermined and set frequency. Microwaves are hot for physics!
  2. Refraction is the process of a wave bending as it enters a new medium. Contact lenses refract light rays which enable users, like myself, to see and go through every day life. Additionally, glasses do the same thing- bending light waves for our perception, similar to people with those with perfect vision. Of course, to have refraction work properly, a smooth surface is recommended; that's why one should dispose of torn lenses to increase their efficiency.
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