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  1. Wow. Those crazy catapults are due in 4 days.*whine*

  2. I still feel bad you've posted on my page more than I have to yours, but not so much anymore cuz you didn't answer -.- Oh well. How'd that physics test go today? Yay? Nay? Hehe. I'm stilllll doing corrections. This is taking way too long. I suck. Sigh.

  3. I feel bad because you've posted on my page three times and I've only done so twice to yours. Let's fix that. Ahem. PHYSICS!!!!

  4. oh dude you were on here today ;)

  5. Attractive lump of Carbon. Enter obnoxious smiley face. :labmate)Enter joke about tennis during gym today. Laugh. Complain about how late it is (1:45 am). Enter another strange smiley face, :P and hit 'Post Message'. Quality.

  6. Ohaaiii gym/physics/chem buddy :D YOU amuse me! In many ways! (but yes, the icons are quite amusing)

  7. Hey there gym/Physics/chem buddy :D :wave) <-- this amuses me :D

  8. I know you! You're a pretty cool guy!
  9. Photography!! That's what I like to hear!
  10. Hi everyone, Aperture422 here ready to give a little background on meself! 1) In my spare time I enjoy all sorts of photography, speaking Italian, reading, writing, and being outdoors with friends. 2) I find myself in Regents Physics because I'm interested in the 'why' and 'how' of things. 3) Hopefully, after passing the Regents Exam in June, I'll be able to walk away with knowledge of why things happen and be able to keep up in a conversation with my friend who is a Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering college graduate, well maybe... 4) I am anxious to do experiments in and around the school, maybe even concerning photography! 5) Three things I think I'll be able to do to be successful? a) show up on time complete homework and c) ask for help when I need it most. Cheers to a great school year, Aperture422
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