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  1. Don't expect ours to kill anyone....it didnt even injure a wegmans bag. I would enjoy it if a student improved it! that thing only injured me and koss when we forgot to disconnect the battery....
  2. We built one in class last year....kind of.
  3. ThatGuy

    who knew

    This morning in the lab we had a little physics throwback. Stop. uh. Back-it-up. AP_B/Chem remember those spectormeters we used? the cardboard things that broke up the light into colors? Well i got to use a real one today to find the wavelength of a laser. Basically you shine whiteish light in one hole so you can see the scale in the back, and the laser in another portal. You look through the lens, and spin the dial until you see a thin line the color of your laser, you line it up with the meter, and look at the dial with your wavelength. It was pretty **** cool. Now we also have a computerized one that does it too but it wasnt workin. fiskis with phullerton
  4. I know, its mechanics but mr. phullerton should show this during ap-c tomorrow for a good educational moment fisiks with phullerton
  5. i was just wondering, do engineers do the physics behind every machine they build and is it worth the time? Picture designing a brand new truck engine from scratch. An engineer wants to build the most efficent engine possible with the least amount of resources. Hypotheticlly, he could do the physics and calc to figure out what design works best, but is it worth his time? I would say no, heres why. Physics on paper and real physics are very different. Figuring out exactly what would happen when the engine was built would be nearly impossible. Plus, if the engineer changes something, even by a little tiny bit, hours of calc would need to be done to figure out how it would effect preformence. While yes a lot of math and physics has to be done, i dont think one could actually replicate the engine on paper. fisiks with phullerton
  6. To answer this question, ponder this situation: You walk into a lab and there is an experiment taking place, how do you know what kind of lab you walked into? If its green, slimy, and growing, its bio. If it involves fire and smells bad, welcome to chem. If it doesnt work, welcome to fisiks. yay physics jokes. fisiks with phullerton.
  7. ThatGuy


    one) finished the webassign 11 hours early! tw0) I started a new rotation in the hospital, I work in the Animal Research lab....yes i assist in infamous animal testing. We dont, however, test cosmetics, instead we test new surgical styles with lasers, the effect of light on wound healing, and nutrition in ICU patients. Some of the things we have in the lab are very physics related. One device we have measures the amount of K, Na, and Li in urine and blood (i was too lazy to look up how to spell the elements). To do this, it burns the sample and mesures the color of the flame, since many elements burn to create pretty colors. Another device we have is a centrifuge, simple but vital. It spins samples in a circle at very fast speeds and the centrital force seperates and cleans the samples. Finally, we have a scale that measures to the hundred millionth of a kilogram that means it measures to 0.00000001 kg. the scale has to stay on a marble petestal at all times to ensure accuracy and is inclosed in class to stop changing atmosphiric pressure from effecting the scale. By just leaning on the table wih very little weight, i can change the reading by 3 or 4 decimal points. cray.:victorious:
  8. ThatGuy


    So basically if you're not good at rotational motion, you were screwed out of 30 points. Darn ap writers. E and m.....I like m and ms better. Not a fan of the second half of the year, I'd rather deal with stuff I can see. Plus, I might be missing a month of school before the ap. who doesnt like a challenge
  9. ThatGuy


    i went to the lib to pick up my boy tippler...and the lovely miss hanns alerted me that i had taken the book out 15 seconds after i took out the calc book it september.....yup it was hidden in my sisters closet, no idea how it got there, thats embarrasing
  10. ThatGuy

    group labs

    we all were thinking it....group labs when eric does the work, koss works logger pro, reed takin charge on everything and raising his voice.....i like it. Yes there is some yelling some crying and lots of yawning, group labs are still the best thing ever. Lets see, currently koss is finding random facts about diego rivera, eric is yelling (shocker),nick is playing with expensive toys to amuse him, im just chillin and watchin and ooop...theres mr f reading over my shoulder. Now reeds on a chair trying to break our zipline. gavin is talking about gambling. OMG MADDIE JUST LAUGHED. tim just told me he has herpes.....must be beths fault.... Chris ford is starting political arguments whcih never ends well. Kelsey needs to stop talking she is wayyy to loud and distracting. Now the class is discussing Mrs Brazil. Mr f is just miding his own business.....o golly i hope eric is almost done. Chris ford is now in some seducing model position on the table.....and i think nick l think nick likes it:couple_inlove:. Just used my first smiley, get on my level. Koss broke the computer.... yesssss. Chris ford took his shoes off...smells weird. Now we have seperated into two groups.....Koss, Maddie, eric, and Sarah are at one table working diligently and everyone else is slackin by me. Im not slacking...im doing a blog post. thank god the period is almost over....time to nugget6 texas bag. winning
  11. ThatGuy


    I did not know it would be so confusing and I have a game tonight and the bus leaves right after school. yay.
  12. ThatGuy


    lab is due today and ThisGuy isnt handing it in. Not because i didnt do it but because it made this much sense to me: . there is nothing there. I dont get how to use excel to make these graphs, because my data is no where near linear. It looks extremly expotentioal to me and all linear trending lines are very wrong. Since I cant find a linear best fit line, i cant answer any of the questions so im not handing it in. this sucks since i probably wont get home until 11 tonight and the never ending fun of calc and new visions has to be done to. fml.:stupid:
  13. As most of you know, tonights hockey game is probably one of he most important of the season, because it is in memory of Tyler Putnam. Plus, we are expecting lottttts of people to attend. As many of you also know, one of the two "starting" goalies is injured, leaving on one left. Well he got hurt last night at practice by a shot that snuck through his pads and caught him in the knee. So, since he must play tonight his coach said to cushion his knee, so when he falls on it the force is reduced....but will it help...i say it wont. J=FT. So adding cushion will increase time, which will reduce force since in the end J is constant no atter what F or T equal. The problem we students sometime forget about is after the impact. Yes, when the knee is impacting the ice, force can be reduced by adding cushion however, after the impact is over, the knee is at rest on the ice. When it is at rest, there is still a mass of 250 foot-pounds on top of it, which pushes down on the knee with 250 pounds of force, which hurts like hell. So my coach was wrong. Force will be reduced during the actual impact, but once the knee is at rest on the ice, no amount of cushoin will get rid of the 250 pounds of force on the knee. get at me coach.:stupid:
  14. ThatGuy

    last minute

    test next period....guess what i learned yesterday.....The integral is the area under the graph!!! so if J=S(Fdt) Then i can just find the area under a force vs time graph.....yup gonna be usin that on the test. Now impulse. and hockey. When catching a pass in hockey, experinced players know catch the puck. they must let their stick give to the puck, or slide the stick backwards as the puck hits it. Since the puck needs an impulse apllied to it to stop, the player can reduce the force of the stick on the puck by 'giving' to the pass. The impulse would be the same as if the player had held his stick still, but the time is prolonged and force reduced.
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