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  1. On March 16, 2014, fezziksphysics referenced my post, and I was interested to know someone else's perspective on their learning style and how they understand material. I definitely agree that the VIP charts became much easier once I understood and applied what I had learned. This part of physics reminded me of math, I just needed to do the problems a couple of times to truly understand them. I also really liked how she wrote down all the formulas, also!
  2. Physics class is becoming very interesting, especially through this circuits chapter. I am learning about series and parallel, and the different formulas that are applied for each. I have also learned about Ohm's Law (V=IR). At first it was difficult to remember the different formulas for both series and parallel circuits, but after doing many VIR Charts, the work has become a bit simpler. I have learned a few things for both series and parallel circuits Series: Electric Current (I) is equal all the way through = I1=I2=I3 Parallel: R = (R1-1 + R2-1 + R3-1)-1 Also, this Kahn Academy video has explained a little more for me! www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o8_EARoMtg
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