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  1. Fezziksphysics discussed VIR charts, referenced physicsgal1's video about circuits and listed the formulas needed to solve Ohm's Law, series, and parallel circuits. This chapter was difficult at first, but is much easier now that I understand the VIR charts and circuit rules. Once I learned the rules for each type of circuit and learned how to solve mixed circuits, the charts came to me easily. I’m not much of a video person, but I did take the time to watch the video and I found it had a good basic explanation/review of circuits. I tend to learn better through practice problems and note-taking. One of the most difficult topics was solving mixed circuits. This trick is to remember to combine the parallel circuits into a single resistor, then solve the circuit as a series. Here are the VIR equations: Parallel: V1=V2=V3=VT IT=∑I RT=(R1-1+R2-1+R3-1) Series: VT=∑V I1=I2=I3=IT RT=∑R This website explains circuts pretty well for those people (like me) who learn well through reading: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/circuits/u9l4e
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