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  1. http://www.kenleewrites.com/2009/04/erasable-frixion-pens.html i found this.. it seems to be a blog post about someone in Japan who talked about how they work. this too: http://www.nationalschoolsupply.com/frixion-lite-erasable-highlighter-orange-ink-chisel
  2. I felt the same way "hotdog" did on her first day of physics class... lost and confused.. in need of direction when learning this new language. However, I was excited to learn about the study of matter and energy. When I sat down on my first day of physics, I felt anxious and overwhelmed. SO much to learn in one semester! I'm managing the anxiety by making sure i learn the content, doing all my homework, and studying for tests but it comes back some days! For the most part I'm enjoying the class immensely. I'm a very hands-on, concrete-content person, so physics is enjoyable for me. Earlier, I got really excited because I found this erasable highlighter (who knew they existed), and the reason the highlighter gets erased is because of the friction of the eraser on the paper paper. I just found it fascinating.
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