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  1. (I do not own this video and give full rights to the creator) As this is my first blog post, and I have no idea what to write about, I choose something that I quite enjoyed doing. When charged with the task of building a Rube Goldberg Machine, I was more than slightly overwhelmed. Thank heavens for my best friend partnered with me, and together we made an amazing design. Quickly we realized that we would have to do most of the planning on the fly as what we planned didn't seem to be going that well. To get ideas, we watched countless videos and tried hundreds of times to get every exchange in our machine to work perfectly. This is probably the best video we watched as it had a fun and contemporary applicaiton. Thus far, this is the most fun thing we have done in my physics class and probaly one of the most informational as people learn best through experience and exploration; for my lab partner and I, we learned through much trial and error.
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