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  1. While re-watching Breaking Bad, or as some call it the meth show, I noticed there was a lot of physics in it. One episode that relates to a new unit we just started was season 5, episode 1. This episode (warning spoilers) is the Giant magnet episode. A short summary of what happened: “That night, Mike hot-wires the gate into the APD parking lot. Walt and Jesse drive the magnet-equipped truck next to the building to the wall outside the evidence room. The magnet disables the guard's computer, alerting the police. In desperation, Walt cranks the magnet up to its maximum voltage, sending a force so strong it tips the truck over. The police security guard finds the evidence room destroyed by the magnet and sends officers outside to apprehend the crooks, but Walt and Jesse escape with Mike, leaving the truck behind.†(Breakingbad.wikia.com). This relates heavily on physics because they constructed a giant electromagnet to create electromagnetic waves. With this they are able to destroy electronics with magnetic fields.
  2. So all year Mr. Fullerton talks about how he loves to electrocute students eventually during the school year. When he said that I was immediately intrigued because I find the idea of a human circuit quite interesting. When we set up the human chain I found myself at the end of it where I would touch†groundâ€. Seth was at the from with his hand on the electric machine ( I’m going to call it that because I don’t know the real name) and he was slowly charging everyone up. When watching Mr. Fullerton charge himself up and touch “ground†I noticed that there was very little going from the machine to his hand yet a lot of electricity from his hand to the ground source. About 45 seconds of charging passed when I got the signal to touch the ceiling and when I did I was shocked so violently that my muscles were almost numb. Hearing the responses from others I realized I had received the worst of it. This was one of the most fun physics related activities I have ever done.
  3. When I still had a iPhone 4s I used to by all my accessories for it at five below. I did this because they were cheap and worked pretty well. One day I had purchased a charger that had a blue light that would turn on when it was charging. I used it for a few days and then one night when I plugged my phone in it would not charge. I looked at the charger and it was plugged in but the light was not on. When I looked closer I noticed that it had a lot of black dust on the inside. So after smashing it open I found that a resistor inside the charger had over heated and blew up. The whole thing was full of black soot. This relates to physics because we learned that a resistor can over heat and not work anymore. The power exerted from the circuit was too high apparently and therefore left me with a pile of useless plastic.
  4. I dont know if anyone has posted about this already but i thought i would take a shot at comparing call of duty, the videogame, to physics. I know everthing is coding and such but you have to wonder, when you slide on your knees after sprinting and your momentum takes you off the edge of the map... Killing you. I think that can be calculated using physics equations. Also When you toss a grenade into a room and it explodes next to somone and their body goes flying. The explosive force could be the outside force that moves the body of the enemy. And lastly throwing the grenade or throwing knife or any kind of throwable requires a knowledge of physics because each throwable has a different weight and your character uses the same amount of force to throw each item. I believe the creators of these games have to study alot of physics before producing these games because the games are in standard earth gravity.
  5. A family member got into a car accident a while back and ended up totaling the front end of the family car. I asked how and it turns out they turned the corner, slipped on ice and rammed the car into the side of a salt truck. This situation has a lot to do with physics because the car was going at constant velocity, hit a friction less area and continued with a very large force into another counter acting force.
  6. While playing Magic the gathering with friends at lunch I got this card that says "throw this card up into the air at least one meter and whatever it touches is destroyed." Without my knowledge of physics this would be impossible to play. While using this card i had to think about how high to throw it and account for air resistance because it is a piece of cardboard paper. Using common equations we use in class such as vf^2 = vi^2 + 2ad. I use this because i can say vf is 0 and vi is about 1m/s. Also a is 9.81m/s (never really changes) and d is what im finding. So i thank physics class for fueling my addiction to card games 😃.
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    The other day i was playing soccer in gym and i was in goal. I tried to kick the ball as far down the field as possible. Every time i tried to get the perfect 45 degree angle. I got it a few times and it went exactly where i wanted to go. But i mis-kicked a few times and it had an angle of about 60 - 70 degrees. for these kicks the ball went way to high and did not get as far. this made me connect soccer back to physics and how a 45 degree angle is the ideal angle for the farthest distance. it made me think back to this image i always held in my mind before even getting to high school. sure i just copied this from google images but still i kept this as a mental note when i use to play soccer on a team. i think i learned more about physics than how to actually play the game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
  8. So when i buy my lunch at school one of the fruit options is a bag with 4-5 apple slices. While holding the bag i tried crushing a apple (don't ask why, because i don't know why) and all of a sudden the slice of apple launched out of the bag and flew half way across the small cafe. Immediately my friend and I started shooting them at each other and he tried to catch one in his mouth, so technically we were not wasting them. this connects to physics because at one point we tried to the calculations to get it perfect. Unfortunately, we could not predict the initial velocity. Other than that we had figured out the launch angle and how far he had to be to catch it. I'm not sure on how to expand this post any longer except by expanding on what kind of physics launching an apple uses. Looking back at the projectile motion unit, it really was just like some of the problems we practiced. the video backing this will be here: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
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