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  1. This afternoon at Irondequoit High School, students found the acceleration of a ball dropping from the ceiling. The students then compared their acceleration of gravity to the accepted acceleration of gravity (9.81 meters per second squared). In order to do this one student held the ball at the student, as another measured the distance from the ball to the ground. The student holding the ball also used a stop watch to calculate how long it took the ball to drop to the ground. After doing this about three times, the students used each trial to calculate the average time. Then they used the time
  2. Nate, Ed, Dezhaire, Jasmine, Mary Mary Deng, De’Zhaire Bennett, Nate Moore, Ed Seiffer, Jasmine Fantauzzi This project consisted of our group taking two stop watches and timing the time it takes from one car to reach point 1 to point 2. The problem we are trying to solve is how many people speed down Cooper rd. in front of the school. To figure out this problem our group timed how long it would take each car to travel a specific distance, chosen by our group. Procedure: Go outside Pick distance and measure the length of said distance Decide each person’s job to
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