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  1. Every year 9 billion dollars are spent on research toward particle colliding research, this money could be spent on much more productive areas. There is a large portion of our population that is debt ridden and homeless struggling to make it through these tough time. More than 40% of people in America rely on homeless shelters and community cupboards to stay afloat. If we cut the funding for CERN we could support these people in need. We would have the capability to build housing for these lost families, feed their hungry months, and build them a future. 1.5 million Children die of starvation every year. Cutting the funding for CERN there would be a whole new era of prosperity that could result from a boost in population and the economy. Another area where more money could be spent is on education. Creating more specialized schools would be a fantastic area for spending. With more specialized schools come more specialized jobs, which would provide an opportunity to boost our economy and for people to make more money. Every area of need could be helped with the support of the money we spend on CERN. CLOUD Could there be a link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation? An experiment at CERN is using the cleanest box in the world to find out This experiment used a special cloud chamber to study possible links between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation. Based at the Proton Synchrotron (PS) at CERN, this is the first time a high-energy physics accelerator was used to study atmospheric and climate science. The results should contribute much to our fundamental understanding of aerosols and clouds, and their effect on climate. Cosmic rays are charged particles that bombard the Earth's atmosphere from outer space. Studies suggest they may influence cloud cover either through the formation of new aerosols (tiny particles suspended in the air that can grow to form seeds for cloud droplets) or by directly affecting clouds themselves. Clouds exert a strong influence on the Earth’s energy balance; changes of only a few per cent have an important effect on the climate. However, despite its importance for climate, aerosol formation is poorly understood. Measuring the underlying microphysics in controlled laboratory conditions is important for a better understanding of atmospheric aerosol and is the key to unravelling the possible connection between cosmic rays and clouds. The Proton Synchrotron provides an artificial source of “cosmic rays†that simulates natural conditions between ground level and the stratosphere. A beam of particles is passed through the cloud chamber and its effects on aerosol production or on liquid or ice clouds inside the chamber are recorded and analyzed. The experiment includes an advanced cloud chamber equipped with a wide range of external instrumentation to monitor and analyses its contents. The temperature conditions anywhere in the atmosphere can be recreated within the chamber. All experimental conditions can be controlled and measured, including the “cosmic ray†intensity and the trace atmospheric vapors in the chamber, which are set to levels of only a few molecules per trillion. (http://home.web.cern.ch/about/experiments/cloud) ( ) (http://home.web.cern.ch/about/updates/2014/05/cern-experiment-sheds-new-light-cloud-formation)
  2. as some of you know I work at 2 ton ton'y where we have real good pizza. And the other day I had to walk to work in the rain. And so I was walking up Hudson and crossing th cross walk in front of wegmans, you know the big long one at the main entrance. as I was walking along I looked over my shoulder and noticed a car was waiting to pull into wegamans, and I didn't want to hold that nice man up I did like a half jog to get out of his way. I continued my walk to work as usual and right before I was about to enter my work place I checked my pockets to see if I had everything, and my phone WAS NOT in my pockets. so I sprinted back as fast as I could to that cross walk because I knew it had to be there. As I approached the beginning of the cross walk I could see my phone face down in road. But then the worst thing happened, I watch a ford f-150 run over my phone. I walked slowly toward my phone as if I were in a dramatic sappy movie picked up my phone and observed my screen. nearly completely shattered with no hope of working again. But then as im holding my phone in despair I get a text and my screen lights up. and so my still works but moral of the story is pedestrians have the right away and take your time on those cross walks.
  3. I have a vishla, named cooper. he is about two years old and still has tons of energy. The other day I was getting home from work and as soon as I opened the door I was welcomed with a blast to the stomach. Sometimes my dog gets so excited when he sees people he forgets all his training. My dog has a very small mass, he is only about 40 pounds but when he builds up a large velocity his momentum takes the wind out of me with ease. There are times I wish he was just fat and old so I wouldn't have to pull out all my year of training with my ninja friends to dodge his high momentum attacks; but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do
  4. Although at the moment my pool is frozen during the summer it is buckets of fun. regardless of the fact that it is only 4 feet deep we still jump in, but no diving. If no one enters my pool for a little bit you can see how smooth the surface of the water can be. But then when someone abruptly drops something in or even jumps into the pool you can watch as the waves slowly take over the pools calm surface. If we had the proper tools we would be able to measure the speed of these waves. All we would need is the distance from one peak to another and its frequency. Frequency could be calculated if we find the period it takes for one wave to pass and then outing it under one.
  5. I often think of big crunches when I bite into a cracker, or when batman punches a guy in the face and then in a crazy comic book font it says "CRUNCCHHHH"
  6. There is a video game called infamous. In this game the protagonist has the ability to manipulate electricity. he is able to project electric pathways toward specific objects. The question arises of if you would actually be able to do it. is it possible for someone to predict the pathway of electricity, ignoring the fact that the human body cannot hold large amounts of electricity. The answer to this question is yes, it is possible to predict an electrical path. Electricity will always go toward ground, so the closest object or path that leads electrical charges to the ground is where the electricity will travel. It would be impossible to launch a bolt of electricity across a building's roof top because the bolt would enter into the roof and dissipate into the ground. Regardless of the facts I hear it is a cool game and worth giving a try.
  7. we have been studying electricity in physics and to make it more interesting Mr. Fullerton brought in a vandergraph. Mr fullerton asked for volunteers to get shocked and of course my entire volunteered. In one hand I had Brenda and on the other I had Kara. Kara freaked out a little while we were charging up shocking everyone behind her in our line. This gave me the opportunity to shock the rest of the class . and so I raised my hand slowly toward the piece of metal holding the ceiling tiles in place and when my finger was approximately three inches away from the metal I saw a mini lighting shoot out of my finger and into the metal while simultaneously electrocuting everyone else . This experience was a unexpectedly painful some might say it was even shocking.
  8. While in physics today we were coming up with stupid ideas that could barely be related to physics. and someone brought up the idea of a door, and that sprung an idea. Some doors like screen doors or doors in older public places is springs to make sure the door closes. Using physics I am able to calculate the amount of force I need to apply to open the door and the amount of force the door will be closing, if I am given the spring constant. however if I know how much force I apply to open the door, stretching the spring a specific distance I can calculate the spring constant. The higher the spring constant the more force the door will close with. So lets say in a hypothetical world a door with a springed latch is opened and the spring has a spring constant of 200. if someone were to get by that door when it flies back would be in a world of hurt. And that's how the cookie crumbles.
  9. I appreciate how I can apply this to my life...... because I eat donuts
  10. Gladiators are known as some of history's most ruthless warriors. during the roman times gladiators would be put in the coliseum and fight to the death. There are commons moves associated with winning a battle. one of these very popular moves is when someone picks up the other man above his head and tosses him to the ground. There is a lot of physics involved in this situation. in order for a gladiator to pick his opponent up he must apply more force than the weight of his opponent, which involves work. as the opponent is lifted there is a change in his momentum along with an increase in kinetic energy both caused by the opponent's increased velocity. when the gladiator is holding his opponent above his head the opponent has a larger gravitational potential energy than he did on the ground because of his increased height. As the opponent is brutally thrown to the ground he has an increase in momentum again. when his momentum is changed in an instance (from hitting the ground) there is a large force applied to him causing a large amount of pain which is why its a finisher move . if you wanted to try this at home you would have to get a piece of technology able to record force over a specific time and then slam your friend on it to gather your data. thanks and be safe
  11. while in the computer in the library I was very amused by what I saw in front of me. someone was watching dude perfect trick shots. these guys pretty much goofy around doing really cool stuff, while making a large sum of money of course. The episode I was watching in the library that one day was with epic bowling shots. and as I watched someone knock over all the pins from across a skate park with his bowling ball, I thought to myself wow that bowling ball probably has a lot of kinetic energy. lets say the ball is traveling 12 m/s and has a mass of 6 kg. using the equation KE= 1/2mv^2 I can calculate its kinetic energy. KE = 1/2(6)(12)^2 fives me 432j. which I'm guessing could do some real damage. Regardless I recommend youtubing dude perfect they do some really unique stuff that I wish I could do.
  12. In Italian today a handful of people brought in food -- because its Friday -- and signora brought in some hot chocolate. along with this beautiful drink we call hot cocoa she brought mini marshmallows. And so while I sat back in my chair like a mob boss in a 1980s mafia film, I though to my self I bet I could make it land a marshmallow in my hot cocoa "from downtown". After a couple attempts I realized with a couple givens I have the potential to calculate every aspect about my marshmallow. Using its weight and estimated velocity I would be able to calculate its kinetic energy. I could also find out how high it was through at the exact distance the cup was from my hand without measuring it. using this information I will be able to prove to the Olympic facilitating committee I am capable of becoming a professional marshmallower which for those of you who don't know being a professional marshmallower is my dream.
  13. that's a really interesting story and I appreciate how well it was written
  14. Lets say I am wrestling man who weights 60kg. In order for me to take him down and score 2 points I need to pick up and return him to the mat. Using the potential energy equation found in our reference table (PE= mgh) I can calculate my opponents potential energy at the point in which he is level with my head. I would multiply 60kg by 9.81 m/s by lets say 1.5m. this would result in a potential energy of 441.45 joules. If I were to increase the height of my opponent his potential energy would also increase. Or if I were to wrestle someone who weighed more their potential energy would also increase. Other situations where I could use this equation in wrestling are when I'm mat returning someone.
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