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  1. I recall standing near one of two doors to the auditorium on a Sunday Afternoon, waiting on people to arrive. it was not until 1:45 until people started to swarm in. Ripping up tickets and providing programs, I was busy at work making sure that people would feel welcome inside the dark chamber. The performance itself was based off of a child's book, reimagined, and transformed into the musical known as Frog and Toad. yet all that mattered to me at the time was dealing with ticketwork and getting the viewers in. Yet at the same time, i wasn't responsible for every single viewer. No, instead
  2. Matthew Fiordeliso Grace Saxby Xiao meng jiang Danny Waheibi Breaking News 4 high school students had discovered the acceleration due to gravity what they had used was a dodgeball a ruler to measure the height from the dodgeball to the floor and a stopwatch to calculate the time. What they did was dropped the dodgeball and measured how long it had taken for it to hit the ground. They did that 3 times and found the average time 0.64 seconds. what they discovered was the acceleration due to gravity is 11.9 meters a second however, it seems that they had some error which turned out to
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    Seems nice thatyou have a good interest in physics.
  4. I enjoyed chem, even if i found the course a bit too easy.
  5. Hi, My name is Danny and I have a passion for music and technology. Right now i am in the IHS wind ensemble and taking AP Music theory. I also am currently taking computer programming and AP calculus AB to help with my understanding of computers. I intend to major in music with programming as a back-up plan. I chose to take on Physics as I felt that the course would supplement me with information that would help with my music and technology careers. I'm hoping that we'd delve into understanding sound, since it would help me to analyze the sound played by music. As the course also covers a
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