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    football connects to physics in several ways. Physics is demonstrated when the football is being thrown, the speed the ball is going, and the distance the ball is being thrown. People watch football on the weekends and focus on how many yards gained, who wins the game, but don't realize how much physics is involved if you really think about it.
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    Newtons 3rd law states that when you push against something, it pushes back with equal and opposite force. This law applies to driving in a few ways. For example, the action force when driving a car is the pushing against the road, and the reaction is the road pushing against the tires. Also, when a person's foot pushes on the gas pedal, the gas pedal pushes back on the persons foot.
  3. Elastic potential energy is demonstrated when using a spring. The more you stretch or compress the spring, the more force it applies trying to restore itself to it's equilibrium position. When someone jumps on a trampoline the spring stretches, which means more force is being added.
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    Physics is used throughout the day several times. Gravity is always in motion when i am walking down the hall or up and down the stairs. For example, if your jumping in gym class gravity is effecting you because you come back down to earth. However, when your jumping, you are moving at a constant rate of 9.81m/s^2 down when you reach terminal velocity but can no longer accelerate
  5. I realized that physics relates to my job as I carry orders from the back to the front to give the customers. This applies to newton's third law because I'm applying force to the boxes and they are applying equal magnitudes in opposite directions. Also, the floor gets really slippery from the flour, spilled water, and toppings dropped like pepperoni and onion. This demonstrates the lack of friction because there is little to no friction between the bottom of my shoes and the floor. This applies to newton's second law of motion because when someone comes to sweep the floor they move it back and forth putting more force on the broom which makes it accelerate faster.
  6. Last week we launched catapults in class. My groups catapult averaged a distance of about .5 meters. Building the catapult we thought it was well built and would have gone a farther distance. Some things i would do differently in building a catapult next time would be to consider the launch angle. Having a launch angle of 45 degrees would give the maximum distance. Although are launch angle was more than that, we had all the necessary materials and tools needed to make the catapult so we didn't have to buy anything. I enjoyed building and launching my catapult but if we did this again i would make the angle 45 degrees, add more weight to it, and find out and test better mechanisms to make the object travel a farther distance.
  7. Hello. As some of you know, i am a field hockey player and have realized that physics applies to Field Hockey in a few ways. When starting the ball at the beginning of the game, physics plays a big role. When the ball is first contacted with the stick, it has an initial velocity as well as a vertical velocity. As the ball travels down the field, it has a vertical acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 when it leaves the players stick. Field hockey and the motion and speed of the ball has something to do with physics.
  8. Outside of school, one activity i like to do is nordic skiing in the winter. Physics applies to this sport in a few ways. The movement needed to go up and down the hill has an initial velocity from when your at one spot to get to the other. I'm taking physics this year because i needed a 4th year of science to help with what i want to major in at college. This year, im most excited for building and launching the catapult. This year im most anxious about the tests.
  9. Something that interests me outside of school is Nordic Skiing. Physics may apply during this activity based upon the movement your making up and down hills while skiing. I'm taking physics this year because i needed to take a 4th year of science to help me with what i want to major in for college. This year im most excited about building the catapult. I'm most anxious about the tests.

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