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    Alex that was quite the landing!!!
  2. There are many different types of waves. Mechanical Waves, Sound Waves, Electromagnetic Waves and even waves people get in their hair. Today I am here to discuss the term wavy in context of style and fashion. Coming from Urban Dictionary wavy can be defined as the new futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation, popularized by rapper Max B. Another definition for wavy is the highest level of smooth/cool/swagger. For those who don't already I know I am known around I-town as the "wavy boy". I brought this name to myself because I feel that I am "wavy". I take pride in the way I dress and I like passion. I could go on and on about the term "wavy" but I am going to end it here. Thank you for time and stay tuned for more! @Wavy_boyDJ Follow me on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Believe it or not but currently right now as I am sitting here typing this blog post physics has an effect on me. That effect is the normal force. As I am sitting in this chair I am applying a force to the chair but then in return the chair is applying the same force back up to me. The chair is then doing the same thing to the floor which is applying a normal force but then applying the same normal force back up to the chair. That is how physics relates to me sitting here typing this blog post. Hope you found this interesting!
  4. On the 8th of March I participated in the annual Dodge for Josh charity dodge ball tournament. Dodge ball and physics have many connections some of them being a lot more painful than others. While playing I witnessed one of the more painful connections that physics and dodge ball have in common. In physics we learned about forces and how forces applied impact the object the force was applied on. Unfortunately during the dodge ball tournament I was unlucky enough to have the force of a dodge ball thrown at me in an area that wasn't so pleasant. The thrower of the dodge ball was already pretty hefty themselves but then combined with the force they applied on the ball... lets just say the after math wasn't very pleasant. To conclude that is how physics relates to dodgeball :-)
  5. If you ever played any type of fighting game you've probably witnessed at some point in time that you are mashing every button to improve your chances of winning. The action of button mashing involves quite a bit of physics. For every push down of the button physics in involved, starting with the press of the buttons for each time you push the button down the button applies the same amount of force back onto your finger. That is called the normal force. Every time the button comes back up to its original position it is most likely due to the fact that there is some kind of spring involved. Springs are commonly involved in physics when dealing with forces. Overall I hope you learned something and maybe next time you're playing a fighting game or any type of game that involves the pressing of buttons you'll remember this little reading.
  6. Physics and technology are two highly relatable topics. Connections are easily made between the two of them. One very common topic between the two is electricity. Earlier in the year in Principles of Engineering we learned about circuits and how they work. In physics we currently are learning the same thing. The information I learned from POE translates well into physics because for example when building a house and going deeper into it's electrical systems if you have a switch in a circuit that isn't closed then the circuit won't work. The majority of the information transfer over to the home building process within the electrical circuits.
  7. I've always wondered how much energy a penny would have flying off the entire energy so I finally decided to actually figure it out. The Empire State building is about 381m but from the tip 443m. Lets say we want to go big time and drop it from the tip. A penny weighs about .0025kg. Before taking physics I had no clue how to find potential energy until my magnificent teacher Mr. Fullerton. He taught me that to find potential energy you need to use the equation PE=mgh. That would be (.0025kg)(9.81m/s)(443). That would be about 11 Joules. After finding this out I am pretty disappointed :/. I was hoping I could throw a penny off the tip and actually harm someone but oh well.
  8. Playing on a slippery, dusty basketball court is one of the most annoying things in the world. The court is so dusty it is basically frictionless! During practice, because the floor wasn't cleaned, I fell over. I was running down the court and BLAM is slipped because my shoes failed to give me any traction since they were clogged in dust. Physics was involved in this fall because I had Kinetic Energy. I weigh around 77 kilo grams and I was running down the court with a speed of about 10 m/s. My total kinetic energy using the equation KE=1/2mv^2 was about 3850 Newtons and that is how physics applies to my fall :-)
  9. As you already know my Patriots just eviscerated the Indianapolis Colts and are heading on to win the Superbowl. Last week in the game I picked out some physics I saw because everyones when watching football you tend to pick out physics when you see it. Lets take the play when Blount ran through the Colt's defense to score a touchdown I noticed physics when Blount ran right through the defender. Before the hike of the ball Blount started off with potential energy. he didn't have much since he was standing on a flat surface. Blount weighs 112 kilograms. When the ball was hiked he ran for a distance of 24 meters or 8 yards. He was able to reach about 10.5 m/s before he collided with another player. Using the equation KE=1/2mv^2 you will find that Blount's total Kinetic Energy was around 5,600 Joules of energy onto the opposing player. I feel sorry for that other player because Im know I wouldn't want to tackle someone like that. Overall that is how physics related in the Patriots game this past weekend. #GOPATS #PatriotsNation
  10. WOW Evan this is very interesting! Speaking of water.. water speakers are sick!!!!!!!! #H2O4LIFE
  11. JOOOOOOEEEEEEYYYY I use to take calculus and I can highly relate to that! Im glad you made this connection EH
  12. Totally radical dude! I never knew physics applied with rock climbing!!!
  13. Hello I am back again to discuss more physics in the sport of basketball. When watching the NBA you will often see the athletes dunking the basketball. It is very easy for them since they are so tall and athletic. The physics relates to Newton's 2nd Law. Lets take LeBron James for example. LeBron is well known for his incredible jumping ability. The physics applies when LeBron puts a force on the floor and the same force is applied when the floor pushes back up on LeBron. Lets say LeBron applies a force 200 Newtons on the floor. The floor applies the same force back to LeBron to push him up into the air to dunk the ball. Also this blog post isn't as interesting as the previous one, because who doesn't love #3J that is how physics applies to dunking a basketball. WARNING: NEVER GET DUNKED ON! THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST EMBARASSING THINGS THAT CAN EVER HAPPEN TO YOU!
  14. So as you probably already know I be getting buckets. Just kidding that's arrogant. But on the Irondequoit basketball team I play an important role where the easiest way for me to score is shooting three point baskets. Physics highly relates to the way I play on the basketball team. Every time I shoot a jump shot in order to have a chance of making the shot I have to release the ball at the perfect angle and use the right amount of force on the ball. To start off releasing the ball at the right angle matters on the flick of the wrist" (that's from a song). If you flick your wrist too much the ball will release flat and you'll probably hit the front of the rim but if you don't flick your wrist enough you will end up air balling because the ball will go so high. Once you have the right angle you also have to consider the amount of force you put on the ball. Adding too much force will result in hitting the rim hard as H E double hockey sticks but not having enough force will be an air ball and that's just embarrassing. Once you have the perfect wrist angle as well as the right amount of power you have a really good chance of making the shot. Overall that is how physics relates with basketball as well as how to get buckets. #3J (one of my basketball nicknames)
  15. Friction is very relevant when driving a car. For example the weather can change the amount of friction on the road. If it is a clear sunny day friction will be there the most because nothing else is between the tires of your vehicle and the road. As soon as it starts to rain the amount of friction decreases. Rain while it only decreases friction by a little bit can cause slipping. Ice on the road can be very dangerous. Ice fills the tiny bumps and makes the road a smooth surface. Since the surface is so smooth friction is very little. Slipping can occur very easily making the roads pretty hazardous during the winter time. So in the winter when it's snowing and the roads are icy, DRIVE WITH CAUTION!!!!!
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