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  1. Trevor H., Sabrina D., Dan V.


    Vertical Jump Test Lab

                    During this lab, our group noticed several things that have high percent error. If we could redesign the lab, one major thing we could incorporate is using a tandem vertical jump tester instead of using tape. This allows us to find the maximum height the person reaches because with using tape, you don’t necessarily mark the max height you reach, since you’re only at max height for a split second. Also, instead of using a stopwatch, we could have used a more advanced laser system, in which the laser marks the exact time you leave the ground and return to the ground. Overall, using both these new ways of testing time in the air and distance of the vertical jump, the percent error would be extremely less and more precise.

  2. Hi, my name is Trevor, I'm a junior at IHS, and I would like to tell you about my busy and interesting life. I have a sister, Cailyn, a mother, Kim, and a father, Mike. I have many interests including, baseball, in which I play and practice for year round, being one of my most favorite hobbies on my life. Also, during the winter, I enjoy participating in Ski Club; however I only ski, not snow board. One my other hobbies are camping, in which I do with my close friends or family during the summer. Overall, you can see that my life outside of school is very packed, but cool.

    However, I can't forget about why I chose to take Physics this year. I chose Physics because I've heard that this science is different from any other, in that it has a little more math and hands on activities involved, which are my strengths in school. However, I also plan to take AP Physics next year because if I choose not to go into the medical field in the future, I would then want to be in the engineering field. As you can see, I have a packed, but athletic life throughout the year, and I hope it continues to be that way.

    -Trevor Hess

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