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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Kyra (said like keeruh) and i am a junior in high school. I play field hockey year round; i play for a school team in the fall and then for a travel team in the off season. I've been on the varsity team for my school since my freshman year. i also love music, i've been singing in school choir since i was 9 and now i sing in my school's chorale, which is the advanced level choir. I have one older sister named Tarie (said like terry) who is a freshman in college about an hour and a half away at school. 


    I am taking physics mainly because my chem teacher last year told me it would extremely help for ap chem which i plan to take senior year. i hope to learn throughout the year why my old teacher said that and how chem and physics are so closely related. Since my current physics teacher told me that physics is literally "the study of everything" i'm interested to learn what the curriculum actually includes. I'm also looking forward to learning more about gravity and how everything works in relation to physics

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