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  1. I agree with studying particles colliders because it will allow for advancements in technologies, medical fields and our understanding of how the world works. with a further understanding of how hadrons and leptons work and make up everything we know we can find ways to advance technology and be able to one day make things weightless using the Higgs Bozon. it can also be used in medical devices and in national security. all these things show it is worth our while to continue studying particle physics.



  2. Well let's be a follower and blurt out the same information as everyone else... Here we go. My names Corey, I play football and wrestle. I plan on joining the air force and becoming either a pilot or any other cool job I find out about. I am probably the only person taking this class that thoroughly enjoys science. I'm that person who sits at home and watches through the wormhole with Morgan freeman and thinks about the world and how we've come to understand it. I am also taking so bio (why? Because I can...) and I think Mr. Fullerton is super hilarious (true, but hoping he'll read this and I can grab some extra credit or something) and yeah that's a little bit about me.

    I am taking physics because well I'll say it once again I actually like science a lot. And also I just like knowing more stuff. Knowledge is power (yeah that's a Mr. Tytler quote) and I hope to be able to actually understand the mathematics behind some of the theories that I have heard about that fascinate and boggle my mind.

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