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  1. When I was playing the trumpet the other day in band, I realized that I was using physics. As I blow into the trumpet it creates vibrations that move through the air ways of the instrument. The waves come out through the other end of the trumpet and generate a sound. if I apply more force when I create the vibrations then I would be increasing the amplitude. If I press down certain keys then I can change the path that the air waves take and change the pitch of the wave which would change the frequency.
  2. When looking in a mirror, one can see their own reflection looking back at them. This is because of reflection. Light beams flow from the persons body to the mirror and bounce off the mirror at different angles. If a beam hits the mirror at a 45 degree angle then it will bounce back off the mirror at a 45 degree angle. This is why reflections can be predetermined before the beams are shot at the mirrors.
  3. When I was walking home the other day a police car drove by with the sirens on. As the car approached the pitch of the siren was rising. Then it started to lower as the car accelerated away from me. This is the Doppler effect because as the car come toward me the sound waves are traveling faster and they travel slower when the car travels away
  4. As I was talking the other day I realized that as o talk, I'm creating sound waves. The waves enter the medium(being the air) and travel through to people's ears.
  5. Eating has a lot to do with physics. Food believe it or not contains energy. This type of energy is called chemical energy. When you your food your digestive system transfers this energy into internal energy which is heat. Your body then uses this energy to contract and expand muscles which allows you to move or do work, transferring that internal energy into kinetic energy.
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    In hockey there are lot of continuous collisions. With each collision momentum between each player is changed. For example, when player A is skating across the rink and player B comes in contact with player A, player A's speed is changed, thus altering his momentum. Depending on the force between each of the hockey players, the course of on of them would be completely altered. On the other hand, the player with the greatest force would not change his direction, instead his speed would be the only thing that changed for him.
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    A common term in basketball is B.E.E.F.. This is an acronym for Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow Through. What follow through means is when shooting the ball you want to kind of roll the ball up your hand and then flick it off of your fingertips to get the best shooting results. This not only improves accuracy, but it provides you with the ability to have more long distance shooting. When you follow through, you are increasing the time that you're applying force to the ball. So this increases the resulting distance that you give the ball and lets you shoot farther.
  8. At my house I was playing billiards with my brother. When he struck the white ball is surged into his striped ball and went into the pocket. This is because when he strikes the ball it has more momentum then the striped ball. The two balls may have the same mass but hitting the white ball gives it a high velocity so it has a high momentum. Based on the law: P=MV, the striped ball has no momentum. This is because the ball has a velocity and any number multiplied by 0 has no value. So when the white ball's high momentum hits the striped ball, the momentum splits between the two balls and sends the striped ball towards the pocket while the white ball has very little momentum left.
  9. On Sunday the amazing Pittsburg Steelers won a clutch game in Atlanta because they're clearly the best team in the NFL. Once the game was over me and my dad went for our usual fist bump. When his fist struck mine it had a greater mass and greater velocity that my fist, therefore his fist had a much greater momentum. So the result was that both our fists ended up moving towards me because his fist's greater momentum forced them that way.
  10. Gravitational pull is very interesting. The heavier and closer something is, the more are drawn towards it. I was sitting next to Delaney the other day and he was eating cheeseburger. When he stuffed his face and ate the cheeseburger in one whole bite I could not only see that he gained 20 lbs, I could feel it as I was suddenly drawn toward him with more force. This is a clear message... stop eating Delaney before you suck everyone into you
  11. I was playing ping pong the other day with my brother. As we hit the ball back and forth we each kept putting different spins on the ball. This is physics because when the ball spins the centripetal acceleration points towards the center of the ball. So the ball spins in a circular motion. Then when the ball hits the table it puts a force on the ball causing the centripetal acceleration to change.
  12. As everybody knows, the best team in the NFL played the other day against the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers Elite quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, threw for 6 touchdowns in two consecutive games; setting a new NFL record because he's so amazing. When Big Ben threw his 6th touchdown me and my dad got really excited. We each stood up and went for a chest bump(our usual touchdown celebration). Now keep in mind that my dad is a... bigger guy, so his excitement caused him to put a little too much force into his chest bump. he hit me and I flew flat on my back. This is a good example of newton's 2nd law because as he you can guess he weighs more than me. Plus he put more acceleration into his chest bump. So when you use newton's 2nd law; Force=(Mass)(Acceleration)... his bigger numbers caused him to have a stronger force that overpowered my force and threw me to the ground.
  13. This past weekend I went to Halloween party. As soon as I arrive it was already pretty crazy. There was a crowd of people, surrounded in a circle. I fought my way to the front to find two people in the middle of the crown, each wearing hock masks and gloves. They were locker boxing... Not the best idea but it was pretty entertaining to watch. The two guys threw punches back and forth. Eventually, one guy cocks his arm back and unleashes all of his strength into the helmet of the other guy. This sends the guy down to the ground, holding his head in excruciating pain. This is a clear example of physics because as one guys throws his fist into the others head, there is a force applied to the guy that got punched which caused him to go backwards. Also there was a force applied to the punchers fist as the thing he hit pushed back. But clearly the guys helmet didn't push back hard enough because he hit the ground hard...This is a perfect and hilarious example of newton's 3rd law.
  14. Everyday we take part in physics whether we like it or not. Walking is a perfect example. When we walk, we push the ground backwards, and the ground pushes us forwards with accordance to newton's 3rd law. In fact we walk on due to the presence of frictional force. We do work against friction to walk. Also when you sit you still are involved in physics. While sitting you are applying a force ion whatever object you are sitting on. This force is called MG which is the (total mass)(gravity). So in order to even that force out, the ground forces an equal force back in the opposite direction of the initial force. This causes you to stay still until you are acted upon by a force. This is a result of newton's 3rd law also.
  15. Here we have a kid I like to call Junior Jokey(inside joke). In this video you can clearly see How Junior Jokey turns the corner and accelerates to top speed quickly in order to exploit the lack of defense. He shows his ability to utilize physics. As he states his run, you can clearly see his acceleration picking rapidly. This would show that on his velocity vs time graph it would be half of a parabola as his velocity increase goes up. Ten once Junior Jokey hits his top speed, his acceleration would be 0 and his velocity vs time graph would show a flat line. Junior Jokey is physics.
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