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  1. kelsey

    Physical Therapy

    As I was desperately researching different topics to write about, I came across an article describing how physical therapy relates to physics. As a former physical therapy patient, I know the painful and difficult tasks required to heal. According to the article, Torque, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force are relevant to physical therapy. Also, physics itself is obviously applicable to the movement of the body through all the forces of nature. Torque applies to physical therapy as the body bends, stretches, and moves throughout a persons life. Electromagnetic force is present within processes of the human body and any electromagnetic forces outside the human body may effect it. Lastly, gravitational force becomes relevant to any motion the body makes.
  2. I've always been curious to if physics applied to health and the importance of it. So, while researching this I found that physics does apply to health in many different ways. For example, if someone breaks their bones, doctors use x-rays which are a product of physics. Another medical use of physics is when a woman is given an ultrasound, this is a form of physics because you're watching the process of physics in action. Also one of physics other creations, the defibrillator, can be the difference between life or death of a patient suffering from cardiac arrest. Finally, Physics deals heavily to lasers including laser eye surgery. These are just a few developments that physics has contributed to medicine and without it people would become very sick, or dead.
  3. kelsey

    Roller Coasters

    Over the summer I worked at Seabreeze Amusement Park and I was a ride operator. My job is to operate rides, keep children safe, and provide fun. As a ride operator I am curious to know how physics can apply to roller coasters. According to a website I researched, physics applies to roller coasters in a variety of ways. For example, neglecting friction and air resistance a roller coaster will experience two types of forces, the force of gravity and the normal force. The normal force is directed in a direction perpendicular to the track and the gravitational force is always directed downwards. In addition, a roller coaster with loops applies to physics. For example, at the bottom of the loop the track pushes upwards upon the car with the normal force. And since the top of the loop is directed downwards and the track is above the car, it pushes downward upon the car. Lastly another section of a roller coaster is dips. Dips and hills applies to physics because they combine the physics of circular motion with the physics of projectiles in order to create a big acceleration.
  4. As a new driver I was very curious to learn how driving can be applied to physics. So, I researched many websites to get knowledge on this subject. According to one website, Newton's third law applies to driving. For people who don't know what Newton's Third Law is, it means that in every interaction there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. Newton's third law applies to driving because when you drive the action force is pushing against the road and the reaction is the road pushing against the tires. Another example, is that when a person's foot pushes on the gas pedal, the gas pedal pushes the person's foot. More interesting information I wanted to know was why is it so difficult to drive on icy roads? One website states that the reason it is so difficult is because the tire cannot grip the road because their is less friction. So when the car tries to push on the road it cannot because the road is icy. This is the reason why cars slide while driving on ice. I'm very pleased with the knowledge I received and will consider these examples in my life daily while driving.
  5. kelsey

    physics in dance

    Hi Everyone, Ever since I was three I have been dancing and physics applies to dancing in many ways. For example, in order for dancers to stay balanced during dances, the dancers center of gravity must remain directly above the area of contact with the floor, otherwise the dancer would tip over. Also with the decrease in inertia and the increase in velocity I am able to turn or spin faster. In addition, if I was to do a turn in the air the only force that would be acting on is gravity. These are only a few examples on how physics applies to dancing but it is proven to be very significant.
  6. The students were assigned into groups of five with stop watches and a tape measure. They met into groups to discuss a plan on how to determine how many M/s cars go on cooper road. Then the students went outside and were given ten minutes to set up our measurements. After that they wrote down the next ten cars measurements. 1.) Gather all materials: two stop watches, and measuring tape 2.) Then measure 10 meters 3.) Have one person stand at the starting point, then one person at 5 meters, then the third person at 10 meters 4.) The person at the starting point starts the stop watch and then the second person says "Go" when the car reaches them 5.) The third person records the time of the second 5 meters after they say "Go." 6.)Then average the results Conclusion: As the cars went from the start to they accelerated. The results of Mr. Fullerton's radar gun were much higher than the groups results. This could be due to delays in starting the timer. The results from Mr Fullerton's radar gun show that all the vehicles but the Ford Escape remained under the speed limit. The groups results, although much lower show that the Ford Escape was the fastest car that passed by. The groups results could be improved by doing more trials to obtain a more accurate average and also extending the meters measured so their is more time to react to the passing by cars. According to the results from the lab there is not a speeding problem on cooper. The results show all but one car remained below the speed limit. And the car that was above the speed limit was only .8 above it which is barely over the speed limit. Drivers may take extra caution before and after school hours to keep an eye out for students. There is not a speeding problem on cooper.
  7. My name is Kelsey, I am 16 years old and I'm a senior. My parents are divorced but I have equal time with both of them. I grew up in east Irondequoit until my mother remarried in 2008 and I moved to west Irondequoit. My interests outside of school are dancing. I have been dancing for fourteen years and will continue to hopefully become a dance teacher. I also have two jobs that I manage during the school year, which are being a dance assistant teacher and working at Auntie Anne's. In addition, I am taking regents physics and Mr. Fullerton is my teacher. Junior year I didn't think about taking physics until my counselor, Mr. Mcdonald suggested the course to me. He explained that since I did so well in trigonometry and I'm more of a "hands on" learner, that I would enjoy physics more then Chemistry. I also decided to go with this course because I'm interested in learning about energy, movement, mass, matter and everything that has to do with physics and what makes things move. To conclude, I hope to learn all the elements to physics and succeed.
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