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  1. Finally the weather begins to warm up which mean it's time for flip flops! As I walked through the commons the other day wearing my flip flops, I noticed how slippery the tile floor was... luckily I did not fall! Then I thought about wearing flip flops in the winter and how often I would fall due to the slippery ice, not to mention my feet would be very cold. I came to understand just how important friction is in the winter because, without it, we would be sliding and falling all over the place. The soles of winter shoes, for example, tend to be very grippy and have lots of ridges in them.
  2. In physics class the other day, we learned about the Doppler effect which, at first, I immediately thought of the news when the weatherman talks about their technology. Mr. Fullerton then told us that the Doppler effect can be applied in other situations as well. The Doppler effect is a shift in wave's observed frequency due to relative motion between the source of the wave and the observer of the wave. When told what the Doppler effect is I thought of the time I went to the St. Patty's Day Parade and heard all of the cars honk their horns. As I stood in the same spot the whole time, the
  3. Coincidence...? I think not.
  4. It is quite interesting isn't it?
  5. For lacrosse, our coach encourages people to jump rope in order to get "fast feet." As I was jump roping, I realized all of the physics that plays a role in this. I thought about how we are in the waves unit and I was creating a standing wave as I did my exercise. Afterwards, I wanted to calculate my velocity as I was jumping so I estimated that it took me 2 seconds for the rope to go around one time, and the distance of the rope was about 4 meters long. Using the equation velocity= distance/time, I could calculate that my velocity was 2m/s. Also, the force of gravity plays a role in jump r
  6. While going to another country is very exciting, the plane ride to get there is not. On the way to my trip to Italy, I had to sit through a 7 hour flight which is by far the longest flight I had ever been on before. And as I wasn't sleeping or trying to find some way to get comfortable on the stuffy plane, I thought about all the physics that goes into flying a plane. As I thought for a little while, I realized I could not really come to many conclusions at a regents physics level, but I could think about the concepts we have learned and apply them to the very little that I actually do know
  7. Over spring break, I went on a vacation to Italy with many other of my classmates. As we arrived at the first hotel, I noticed that the one section of the lobby would echo as people talked. When looking back on it, I know understand that it was sound waves that were bouncing off the wall and coming back to my ears in a matter of less than a second which is very amazing considering the distances that some of these sound waves have to travel. In my case, the sound wave only had to travel around 7.6 meters which is equivalent to 25 feet. With this approximate measurement, I am able to measure
  8. Next to eating, sleeping is the best thing and as I think about it, there is so much physics involved! As I am very relaxed when I sleep, I never thought about how much my bed supports me. According to Newton's 3rd Law, I actually push down on my bed with the same magnitude that it pushes me with but it we exert a force on each other in opposite direction. When I get into bed at night, I like to jump in my bed, and that applies a stronger force on my bed. This applies to Newton's 2nd Law of Motion because when I apply this greater force onto my bed, my bed has more acceleration until it spr
  9. As of now, my trampoline is covered in snow, so since I cannot use it, I can think of all the ways that physics is involved in jumping on my trampoline. Newton's 3rd Law is a large part of jumping on my trampoline because the law states that all forces come in pairs. For example, when I jump up and down, I push down on my trampoline with the same magnitude but opposite direction that is pushes me up with. This allows me to accelerate upward and the higher I go, the more I push down on the trampoline and it pushes back on me. Friction is also involved in jumping on a trampoline since there
  10. My dog, Lola, loves to play with her toys and her favorite one is a miniature soccer ball. As I was playing with her, I noticed many examples of Newton's 1st Law of Motion. When I roll the ball to her, she likes to pick it up and bring it back to me which demonstrates Newton's Law that an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. When Lola grabs some of her other toys, she likes us to tug on one side while her mouth pulls back on the other side. This demonstrates Newton's 3rd Law of Motion which states that all forces come in pairs. As I pull on the toy, Lola
  11. Since eating is my favorite hobby, I noticed the amount of physics that is involved in eating. While eating a slice of pizza, I thought about how Newton's 3rd law of motion applied. As my teeth sink in to the cheese and pepperoni, they apply the same amount of force back on my teeth. This demonstrates Newton's 3rd Law of Motion which states that all forces come in pairs and if object 1 exerts a force on Object 2, then object 2 must exert a force back on object 1 which is equal and opposite in direction.
  12. Recently, I received my driver's license and when I thought about it, I realized how much physics is involved in driving. For instance, there is a lot of friction involved when driving, or lack of friction when the roads are icy. When the roads are icy and I press on the breaks, It takes my car longer to come to a complete stop since there is less friction between my tires and the road. Also, Newton's 3rd law of motion applies to driving since all forces come in pairs. When I press the gas pedal, my tires push against the ground and the ground pushes back, allowing me to accelerate forwar
  13. Racing down the snowy, icy, hill, I notice all the physics involved. The reason I am able to quickly ski down the hill is due to friction, specifically, the nature of the surface. The wax on the bottom of my skis allows me to easily glide down because it is kinetic. Not only does the wax on the bottom of my skis influence my speed, but the ice on the mountain less friction, allowing me to travel at a fast speed as well. When I am going over snow, I do not go as fast as when I ski over ice because the nature of the surface is kinetic when there is ice. Although when skiing over snow, it is
  14. As I bus tables at Parkside Diner, I realize all the physics involved. I pick up the heavy bus pan with all the dishes in it, which makes my hands hurt. This demonstrates Newton's 3rd Law since I pick up the heavy bus pan with my hands, the bus pan is applying the same force back on my hands because all forces come in pairs are both my hands and the bus pan are applying equal magnitudes in opposite directions. Also, the floor at Parkside tends to get very slippery when the waitresses accidentally spill drinks, and many times I nearly fall over because I the floor is so slippery. This demon
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