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  1. what about the other important benefits that the treatment can provide, like for cancer treatment
  2. I support the funding of the particle collider research. With this research, the ACE experiment has made advances in cancer treatment. This is helpful for specific types of cancer because the protons can reach the specific spots in your brain or spine. It is also helpful in children treatments because since cancer comes in all shapes and sizes, the antiproton therapy can direct the beam to be in a specific shape and target just that area of cancer instead of damaging other cells. This treatment is very effective because it deposits most of the energy at the precise depth in human tissue and can target specific places. Overall this one experiment involved in the particle collider research is important in advances in cancer treatment and is needed to aid patients and improve their condition. This research is important.
  3. I support the funding of the particle collider research. With this research, the ACE experiment has made advances in cancer treatment. This is helpful for specific types of cancer because the protons can reach the specific spots in your brain or spine. It is also helpful in children treatments because since cancer comes in all shapes and sizes, the antiproton therapy can direct the beam to be in a specific shape and target just that area of cancer instead of damaging other cells. This treatment is very effective because it deposits most of the energy at the precise depth in human tissue and can target specific places. Overall this one experiment involved in the particle collider research is important in advances in cancer treatment and is needed to aid patients and improve their condition. This research is important.
  4. mandy

    making a wave

    Today in our lab we had a cylinder of water and some tuning forks and my group figured out a cool thing. When we struck the tuning forks and placed them in the water, the water splashed and made some waves. The tuning forks with lower frequencies didn't make those waves because they didn't have enough amplitude to move the water. The thicker and longer the tuning fork was the bigger the waves. The water splashed onto the cylinder of water and was quite amusing to me and my other group members. The sound waves from the tuning fork made a vibration and amused us by the splashing water. Although the lab was fun, that part was even more fun. Another thing that happened today that created waves was when I hit the rubber stopper against the plastic tube. The sound varied with the material I used to hit the tube. When I hit it with the rubber stopper, the noise was quieter compared to when I hit it with the wooden part of the pencil. The different frequencies changed the sound that we heard when I hit the tube.
  5. Earlier tonight, I experienced projectile motion with my food. Yes, my food. Unfortunately while i was walking to the table to put down a bowl of rice, the utensil inside the bowl slipped and down feel the rice. It didn't go far because it wasn't going fast and because the rice didn't weigh a lot. It had a normal acceleration due to gravity but it felt like it was going so slow after i saw it start to fall. Almost the whole bowl of rice I was going to eat ended up on the floor but luckily my mom cleaned up the projectile material for me. I hope i never experience projectile motion with my food again, unless I'm in a food fight.
  6. mandy

    Biking with Newton

    Today I got the pleasure of going on a bike ride in the nice weather. Over the hills, across the streets, and down the hills, everything about the bike ride involve physics. Because there was little wind, my brother and I could go as fast as we want with little force opposing us. The lack of wind is especially helpful on the hills so you can easily conquer them! When we pressed down on the pedals to try and propel our bikes forwards, that was an example of Newtons law. The pedal was pushing back on our feet so thankfully we could keep moving. If not, our feet would have gone through the pedal! Also, even when we weren't pedaling our bikes kept moving forwards. No other opposing force was stopping us, so we could continue to travel ahead. This is an example of another of newtons law. An important part of mine and my brothers bike ride was the sound waves that were traveling that helped us hear when a car was approaching us so that we could go into single file letting the car pass. Where the sound waves had a larger area to travel through, we luckily still were able to pick up some of the waves, alerting us to move. When we turned our heads putting our ears more directly in line with the waves, we could hear the car coming towards us more clearly so we could quickly move out of the way.
  7. Don't go to hawaii where pepper can't surf!!
  8. Its scary to think about this, especially before a big flight down the coast, but honestly, how do planes fly? How is this big machine with tons of people, weighing literally tons, floating across the sky above the clouds? Well, I don't know either, but there is always physics to be found! Think about when you land in a plane and you get jolted back into your seat and can barely sit forwards until the plane actually slows down. Newtons law can come into play here. Because the plane is using the little "blades" on its wings to stop the plane and that creates a force to decrease the velocity at such a high rate, your body wants to stay where it is and not move but the lane wants you to continue forwards with it. You can't sit forwards because the planes force is so large it is withholding you to your seat back. You are jolted backwards until the negative acceleration is lessened and the planes force is less. This idea is the same as in trains, subway systems or cars when you are standing or sitting and the vehicle is trying to stop but your body doesn't want to go with it, it wants to stay where it is but instead you are pushed back into your seat or forced to hold on you you don't fall (like in the subway). Make sure you hold on tight!
  9. mandy


    Since this is titled archery most of you reading this will probably be getting ready to read a post about the arrow and the bow and trajectory and all that fun stuff that happens in the physics of archery. Im not going to talk about that just yet, but instead I'm telling about a cool physics discovery i made while sitting in gym class. I was holding my bow and twisting it back and forth so that it was swaying and then when i stopped the twisting motions, the bow kept moving!! I remembered physics and the good old man Isaac Newton and the laws he discovered and there I discovered I was staring at one of Isaacs discoveries! An object will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. The bow kept moving and swaying back and forth continually since neither myself nor an outside force made the actions of stopping it.
  10. mandy


    Trampolines possess a large amount of physics in them. First of all, the springs all around the bottom share the same spring constant, showing how much energy a person can have when the spring expands and compresses. The constant in the spring decides how high you can jump. If your spring doesn't compress much then the bottom of the trampoline can't go as low and in turn, you won't be able to jump as high. Your want thick, sturdy springs for your trampoline, but also those that will be flexible and more fun to use. Everyone wants to jump high and experience physics when on a trampoline but some believe that how big you jump matters if your big or not, but it is also determined by your springs in the trampoline. That is why it is more fun to jump on a springy trampoline, especially when you are larger.
  11. mandy

    Childhood memories

    To bring back some childhood memories, you must think of swings, tag, climbing, and so many other actvities. All of those things we loved to do as kids, all involved physics. Lets look at swings. Energy is a main component to what we see about physics here. There is potential energy and kinetic energy and mechanical energy(which stays the same throughout the whole time). As we swing as seen in a parabolic arc, at the top when we are stopped slightly for a second, we have a large amount of potential energy, what we are capable of doing. As we slowly get to the bottom of the arc and get to the middle at a single instant, we have an influx in our kinetic energy. The more energy we have, the harder it is to jump off. Our energy can be calculated by how high we are swinging, the mass of our bodies and the swing combined, and how fast we are swinging. With all of those things we can fully understand the concept of energy and the conservation of it because it cannot be created or destroyed, only conserved.
  12. mandy

    Gym Class heroes

    Today in gym class, my team experienced a great deal of physics in the unit we just finished and my personal favorite, volleyball. Although we didn't have a team full of the best players, we had a lot of players who tried hard to help the team succeed. Most players on the court were experiencing physics while they were at it as well! Those who were moving around and were playing, were doing work on the ball and using their kinetic energy to do that work. The more power they had, the farther the ball went or the harder it carried itself through the air. Because i play volleyball as my main sport, I tried my best to come out on top and win the tournament (it helped that i had another fellow volleyball player on my team, Quinn). With all of the hard work we put in and energy we expended, we luckily ended up winning the whole tournament, when throughout the season earlier, my team didn't give a lot of effort, expend much energy or do a lot of work.
  13. mandy

    Back to Volleyball

    At my tournament this past weekend in Connecticut, I saw physics all around me through volleyball. Not only was there physics in the players, but there was also physics seen in the spectators. Some spectators were recruiters looking for video on some players, and in that, there were many actions they took that involved physics. Those that were taking video displayed physics with their camera. The light energy from the camera is what we saw as onlookers into their actions. The camera's in and of themselves were parts of physics because of all the technology they entail. Lastly, there was physics with their motions as they wrote different notes down. They were displaying one of Newton's laws that the force of one object on another has that same force of that object on the force. the pen or pencil had to have the same force that the paper did so they didn't fall down or be pushed up because one force was larger than the other.
  14. These days, with the snow consistently coming down, the roads keep getting worse and worse, along with the drivers. When the plows can't come and clear the snow, people tend to drive a significant amount slower so they don't slip, some may think this is overly cautious, but in reality, cars with summer tires still on their cars have a hard time driving in snow when they need snow tires. The winter tires provide more friction with the snow because of the lack there of with just the summer tires. Even with snow tires sometimes cars still tend to slip when accelerating too much on turns or speeding up in a hurry, again because of the lack of friction the snow adds to the surface. So even if you find the slow drivers annoying, they are the smart ones in this situation because they must be thinking of the lack of friction.
  15. mandy

    Sweet Spot Physics

    As some of you know, I work for a company called the Sweet Spot at the Blue Cross Arena, Frontier Field and CMAC. The other day while helping the coffee stands set up, I noticed a key moment crucial to our set up at work. I was bringing down the supplies the coffee cart needed to the stand when it hit me how much physics was going on right in front of me. We have to carry a cart holding coffee pots, a large jug of water, creamer, a bin of packaged almonds and cashews, and three coffee dispensers, down a ramp. It was when I was bringing both carts down the ramp that I was very thankful for physics. The friction created by the materials on the carts kept them from falling off the cart I was puling. Also, the bin of nuts was resting on an angle on one of the carts. I had to make sure that the angle was just right according to the ramp or else the nuts would have fallen off the cart. It was when I made it safely down the ramp with all contents of the cart in tact that I was glad friction existed.
  16. mandy

    Building a catapult

    Wow that's so cool! I hope you had fun making your catapult!
  17. Wow ally! Im glad I pulled out with the victory!
  18. mandy

    Physics in Running

    While on a run with Quinn, i started to think of all the ways physics related to our current actions. We traveled all around town, up and down hills, on different surfaces like grass and pavement, and leaves, and lucky for us friction was a factor. Because of friction on our shoes and on the ground, we didn't slip and fall while running. While we kept pushing our legs into the ground with a force to keep us going, the ground was pushing that same force back onto our legs so we didn't fall through the ground. All those surfaces were pushing back on our legs, even if the force we pushed with changed by increasing or decreasing. When the daylight slowly came to fall to night, i used my flashlight to alert cars coming behind us that we were in the road. This light energy was traveling from my phone to the driver's eyes, so they luckily didn't hit us. Also, as the hour slowly came to a close and fatigue was setting in, our muscles kept working hard to keep us running. For the last couple hundred yards, we both increased our velocity by accelerating and moving our legs faster and faster. We were using stored energy in our bodies to continue to run and get even faster.
  19. mandy

    Phony Physics

    Many people don't think about it, but there is simple physics in the actions you perform on your phone. For example when you hold the phone and type your acting on the phone with a force, and don't even realize that there must be a force acting back on your fingers or else your fingers would bend the phone. Also, we can see newtons first law in action when you unfortunately drop your phone, which all of us have done. Your phone won't stop its motion unless another force acts on it. Most of the time that force is the ground, but sometimes if your lucky you can catch it and the force is your hand. Also, you can see physics when the images are displayed on your phone. The pixels of the screen display a larger picture that your eyes can see. The light waves when your phone lights up can also be seen as physics. When you call or text someone the radio waves are transmitted to the other phone in contact. And lastly, when your phone's notifications make noises, we can hear the sound waves traveling very fast to reach our ears. many aspects of physics can be seen in one little device that you would never think of before!
  20. In volleyball, there are many opportunities to see physics. There is friction, there is newtons first law and many other aspects. First of all, when a hitter goes up to jump to spike the ball, you're pushing down with a force into the ground, while the ground is also pushing the sam force back at you, so you don't fall through the ground. When your hand contacts the ball, the same thing happens, where the ball is pushing back at your hand and your pushing hard at the ball. That ball will stay in motion until it hopefully hits the ground for the kill and the ground stops the ball's motion, or until a player digs the ball and changes it's motion. The ball is also being acted on by gravity, which can change its course from off your hand and to the ground. When your getting ready to hit, you have a lot of potential energy from the time your waiting to start your approach until the actual time you start your approach. When you start your approach you have kinetic energy and are gaining more and more as you accelerate to jump. Unfortunately when you jump you are being acted on by the force of gravity, so you can't stay in the air for that long and also can't jump as high... Can you imagine volleyball without gravity???
  21. Good job finding physics in the little things in your day to day life!
  22. mandy

    Bouncing a Ball

    Quinn thats so cool that you can relate physics to your sport, and my sport! good job!
  23. mandy

    Physics in soccer

    Its cool how you could relate physics to soccer! It makes me miss it!
  24. mandy


    Thats so cool that you could relate your work to physics! And poor pizza chefs for their sore wrists! Nice Job!
  25. mandy

    Physics of Sitting

    I really like how you found physics in the simplest thing in your day to day life! Nice Job JAC!
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