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  1. I support the research and advancement in particle physics, it can be used for plenty of good in society. It can be used in medicine because the particle accelerators can now be used to treat and diagnose patients all over the world. This has many benefits to society and has helped millions of people. It can also be used to protect the nation in homeland security. It can be used to scan cargo and monitor nuclear waste which can really help society. Particle collider research can be very beneficial and should be researched and funded.
  2. It's like 10:30 at night and I am so tired and don't want to do this. But since I only have one left (I think) and it's very trivial if I want to pass, I will do it. The only problem is, I don't know what to write about. I could write about how we were wearing power rangers t-shirts. You wore one but so did I, a different color. And so was Moey, and his brother. I have already talked about everything that I do. All I ever do is play hockey and video games because I'm lame, so lets see what else there is. Let's talk about circular motion. I have this friend of mine who can be a really good driver sometimes, but when he gets too energetic, can be very wreckless. He likes to drift in parking lots with FEMALES in the car and putting their lives in danger. When drifting your car can hydroplane or just lose traction on your back tires, and then you begin to spin. When I last drifted (yes, it has happened multiple times. Sometimes on purpose some) we flew around a pole in a parking lot in a circular motion. Since we were spinning in a circle, the centripetal force will always be pointing to the center or in this case the pole. Also if we were to lose traction of the front tires too, our velocity would continue tangent to the circle. So if your friend ever decides to drift, or you egg him on by saying things like "you won't push 80 on this main road", just know that your velocity will go tangent to the circle. That's all I got for y'all now I'll be back next quarter to do 5 in one sitting, last minute. Goodbye
  3. If you couldn't tell by now, I really like to talk about the force of gravity (9.81 m/s^2). Well in GTAV it becomes very relevant because there is a cheatcode called 'skydive' and this cheatcode is exactly how it sounds. Unlike Hannah, I actually have been skydiving; just not in real life. When you activate the cheat code you are put into a loading screen and launched like 100 miles in the air (160934 meters). When you start playing your velocity is already very high, but if you were to find that out, you could calculate the final speed before you, you know, splat. Or you could calculate how high youre in the air and stuff. If you could tell me what speed you're accelerating at when free falling i'll give you a dollar. Sike it's 9.81 m/s^2 and i don't have a dollar.
  4. There's a franchise of games called Grand Theft Auto and they're currently on the 7th installment of the game, called Grand Theft Auto V (5). GTAV is only 5 and not 7 because they made Vice City and San Andreas. In this series of games there are premade cheat codes that grant you all sorts of powers and what not. In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there is a cheat code for a jetpack and for that time it was incredible to see and use. (in case you were wondering the cheat code for Xbox original is LEFT, RIGHT, L TRIGGER, WHITE, R TRIGGER, BLACK, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) The jetpack just worked by applying a force downward projecting you upward, and forces forwards and backwards for the same affect. The jetpack is cool because if you arent going one way, then you are falling by 9.81 m/s^2, according to physics (i dont know if you do but if the game was good, you would. Even though it's 2 gens ago but it should hold its own). This isn't very shocking and groundbreaking, but in GTAV, there is a cheatcode to skydive. I will discuss this for my next blog post so be sure to tune in to see the full story! :-)
  5. There's nothing better than popping one in over the shoulder of the bum goalie top shelf right where momma hides the cookies. When playing hockey it's a lot of moving and hitting the puck (or ball if you're flee like my boys) and forces are applied everywhere. On ice there's a lot of physics involved, a lot more than in a parking lot. When lining up a mean slapper you have to time it properly if she's a nice one timer. When your boy Brad Richards is applying all sorts of forces to set you up, you have to apply an impulse to the puck to put her up bar down. An impulse is force over time so if you multiply the force applied to the puck by the time the force was applied you will get the impulse. I would imagine if you are applying the force to the puck longer it will have a bigger impulse. This sounds a lot like something called a follow through that you may have heard of i'm not sure. If you follow through you can probably perform better or something i dont know hopefully my main man Fizziks guy can let me know. Comment your thoughts :-)
  6. idk if you could call it pizza so much as cardboard #drillin
  7. why would you just go on the internet and lie about such a thing? smh
  8. hen im on the mou, (short for mountains) there's nothing better than whippin the gnar gnar dud. Snowboarding is all about gravity. When i'm glazing through the fresh powd i'm always accelerating at 9.81 m/s^2. (tbh that's all the physics i know hold on let me try to finish this.) All of the times that i've been snoarding (short for snowboarding, you wouldn't know) I would rather go on the steepest slope. But will I accelerate faster on the steep slope or the bunny (bobby) slope? Lol if you thought the steeper one youre wrong because i'd be accelerating at 9.81 m/s^2 on either slope. And when I'm flying down the slo (short for slope, sorry for the confusion) there would be less friction than if it was a paved hill. I don't know exactly why but it transfers (not creates) less internal energy because of a smaller force of friction. Snowboarding is sweet dud.
  9. Should've bought an Xbox One then you can lift as much as you want like me and get big ike me
  11. Chewy often likes to play tug-of-war but this game is a 2 part activity. After I get the rope from his mouth (because I can apply so much force due to my huge arms) I then have to throw the rope or else Chewy yells at me. In this case, I have to apply force to the rope and it then becomes a projectile. Say I threw the rope very lightly but due to my ginormous arms it reaches a speed of 342 m/s (bad throw for me) and it goes a measly 500 meters (again, bad throw), I would be able to calculate how long it was in the air and it's final velocity using different formulas and the knowledge that gravity is 9.81m/s^2. Usually I have to tone down my throws though, because I'm indoors and throw the rope onto a wooden floor. In my living room, where I sit on the couch, there is a large carpet covering a portion of the floor and that's usually where Chewy nags me to throw the toy from. After I throw the toy he begins to run and once he leaves the carpeted area, he begins to fall and slide and can not gain as much speed as before. This is because the force of friction is less on the wooden floor so he begins to slide all around. When Chewy is outside he is used to putting all of his effort into running because on grass and pavement he is able to "grip the ground" with his paws, but inside, the wooden floor has little to no friction so he slides all around instead of being able to run comfortably. Being the dog he is he continues to run after the rope and he doesn't care for his sliding as long as he gets his toy.
  12. DelaneyBest

    The Race

    Nice, you must be quick!
  13. Ouch! Bad choice on your sisters part! That must have hurt! (Sorry, I don't know her name!)
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    Nice, very nice
  15. Ur not even swole ill wrek u m8. And the slingshots r sick
  16. As seen in my previous blog post, I have a dog named [Yung] Chewy and he is a very energetic dog, full of physics. Chewy does a lot of running around and jumping and these are plenty of examples of physics in my own home. When playing with chewy, he often wants to play a combination of tug-of-war, and fetch. As we demonstrated in one of our past lab with applied forces on a rope, with Chewy we often reenact the same idea. Because of Newton's third law, it states that if a force is applied it comes with a pair. When playing tug-of-war with Chewy, we both have to apply a force to move either of us (but he doesn't move me much, I'm pretty swole, much more swole than Bobby because I lift). If I apply a force on the rope to pull him toward me, or the rope out of his mouth, he also applies a force to keep the rope which creates tension on the rope. I usually just tear the rope out of his mouth because I'm so big and then throw it so he can fetch it, his favorite part.
  17. After fracturing my ankle a week ago (week ago) on Halloween I have found that moving around is very difficult. If I'm not walking on my foot, which I shouldn't be doing, I'm hopping around wherever I need to go. My mom helps me out with a lot of travelling though. She doesn't carry me around the house or anything, (that's Yung Chewy's job) but she helps me get to school. She is able to get to my stop which is 3.2 miles away (5.15 km) in around ten minutes which has to be some type of physics, right? Gravity and such, not really a free-fall though so I'm not sure I can calculate that as of now. The real physics of this injury is getting around short, walking distances. Because I'm not allowed to walk on my foot, I was supplied with crutches that allow me to get around easier with a little less pain. What crutches do is when I apply a force to the ground with them, it allows me to temporarily negate gravity, or at least lighten it's effects, and suspend me in the air as I travel across the ground. In case you've never seen someone use crutches, that sounds about right. Even though I am suspended in the air, there is still some sort of gravity and normal force because I don't lift away as soon as I apply force to the ground. As Newton's third law states, if a force is applied there is another force pushing back and forces always come in pairs. When I apply force to the ground with the crutches, the crutches also apply a force to the inside of my arm. And due to friction there's all sorts of pain involved on my gigantic biceps. It hurts a lot. Fracturing your ankle sucks.
  18. Friday, the day of Halloween I figured I would have a normal day. Have an easy day at school, then have Halloween fun after school. Well I found myself fighting a bear on Halloween instead. It was a tough fight but I managed to defeat the bear and skin it's bear fur and sell it for a profit. While carrying the bear hide I tripped and fell on a small rock and fractured my ankle. Just kidding, I didn't fracture my ankle after the fight, that was later. 3rd period, around 10 o'clock is when the action really happened. 3rd period is my gym period and I always go hard (Go hard or go home, right?). Well this time I wasn't too into the game and didn't go hard for the first time in a while. We were playing soccer and that involves a lot of forces and trajectory and what not. Unfortunately, one of the forces that class period was not applied only onto the ball. When a teammate passed me the ball I was casually standing there as another player ran up and pushed me, clearly I pushed him back though (normal forces and such). When I was pushed I tripped and fell and landed on my foot, sideways. Applying forces in all types of directions. I later went to Urgent Care and discovered that I had fractured my ankle and needed a split and crutches. I'm no longer allowed to apply forces to the ground (even though it returns the favor) because it will make my dusty ankle even worse.
  19. My names Delaney and I'm a senior at Irondequoit High School this year. I don't really do much besides eat and sleep but in the winter I wrestle, eat, and sleep. I'm kind of a boring person so don't expect too much from this post. I'm an average guy with no special attributes and that's about it. I'm taking physics because even though only 3 years of science are needed to graduate, taking a fourth class will help with college and my major. Hopefully it'll be a good year
  20. If you wanted to, you can change your name and remove your last name in the settings! Enjoy physics!!
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