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  1. How would this affect us if we discontinued the research. We might miss out on a lot of possibilities and progress
  2. Every year 9 billion dollars are spent on research toward particle colliding research, this money could be spent on much more productive areas. There is a large portion of our population that is debt ridden and homeless struggling to make it through these tough time. More than 40% of people in America rely on homeless shelters and community cupboards to stay afloat. If we cut the funding for CERN we could support these people in need. We would have the capability to build housing for these lost families, feed their hungry months, and build them a future. 1.5 million Children die of starva
  3. Nearing the end of the year 2013, a new Disney movie came out, sending society into fanatic obsession. This movie was of course, Frozen. Frozen tells the story of Queen Elsa and her struggle to contain her gift. The majority of the movie is her sister, Ana and her entourage tracking down Elsa to try to help her. Well trolls, evil fiances, and talking snowmen later, the world is completely addicted. I still am, quite frankly. While I watched this movie a hundred times, I wasn't just belting along to every song in the movie, I was baffled at how realistic it was compared to other animated movi
  4. I have been singing since I was a little girl (not necessarily well) and I love being in Chorale as well as participating in the school musical every year. Earlier this month, we started learning about sound waves. We learned how sound waves, especially standing waves, are why instruments work. While we talked about a variety of different instruments ranging from strings to brass, we never discusses how sound waves are made because of human vocal cords. I'm writing this to document my thoughts on the concept so I can embarrass myself in the future, and to do that, I am not looking anything up
  5. Mary_E27


    I think that you need to calm down and read the book. Also, your post didn't really pull me into the reading. To be honest, I only read the first and last sentence
  6. In my physics class, there is a student who believes that I am her biggest fan. She seems to only understand her false perception when I use physics terms, so it inspired me to create a list of things to say to someone you're not interested in in physics terms. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up being the one hot physics person in the future and you need to fight off all the nerds...and they only speak physics. Well here are some tips so survive such instances. Forget displacement, we need pure distance between us I'm going to get a restraining order for 20 km. Can you convert that to meters? In m
  7. Since I can remember, I have always loved music. I have been in chorus since 4th grade, have participated in the school musical since 7th, and have done many other things regarding music. Anyway, when I got to high school, I was so excited to have a chorus that actually wants to be there and tries to sing. The first thing i noticed was how weird the room was. In the past, I was in rooms with good acoustics, steps, and something that made sense. This looked like a regular classroom, except with a whiteboard with ledger lines. Then i got an explanation... The chorus room used to be located wher
  8. In physics, we recently learned about how naval ships use sonar to detect submarines under the surface. We also learned how in order to detect the ship sends out multiple loud beeps to reflect off of surfaces. The time it takes for the sound to come back can help figure out how far something is from the ship. We even worked on a work sheet and used physics equations to solve sonar problems. Overall, I think sonar is very fascinating, but I've never been good at battleship, so i thought back to when we studied the senses in AP Psychology (The best class ever, by the way ). In that u
  9. As we are to begin a new unit in Physics as we return from Christmas break, we were assigned a video called Work. Just hearing it made me wonder if it has something to do with what parents and most students call work. I was incorrect with my assumption when I watched the video. As it turns out, when you do work on something, you are moving it. In order to calculate work, you must use the equation W=Fd, where W is work, F is the force applied, and d is the displacement of the objects. But as the video continued, I looked at the examples and thought, almost anything that one does in work is actu
  10. When I was a child, I never thought of physics. I knew that it existed because I had babysitters in high school, but I never thought anything of it. I simply stayed in my own world, not letting science into my head, because there was no room for it. As I look back now, physics didn't exist to me. Of course it actually did exist, obviously, but not to me. I would jump off a swing at the playground, I would throw a ball to a friend, I would kick a soccer ball to a teammate, I would ride on the yo yo at Seabreeze. Not physics, just common sense of what happened. There was nothing in my head th
  11. In pursuit of my child side, I continued my movie marathon with Shrek the Third. This is a terrible attempt at a third movie, though it's not as bad as the fourth, where Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpypigskin as Charming calls him) gains enough power to take over Far Far Away and turn back time, where Shrek never saved Fiona from the tower. It's pretty bad. But not as bad as many other movies. Don't even get me started on Blue Jasmine. As the Shrek movies continue, though, the Physics slowly improve. There are less instances where I want to shield my eyes from the otherworldly jumps and leaps. In th
  12. As explained in my previous blog post, I recently watched the first three of the Shrek movies (the last two are abominations) and started observing the strange looking physics of the Movie series. Now I'm on to Shrek 2. Let's begin, shall we? In the very beginning of the movie, Shrek and Fiona are on their honeymoon, enjoying the sun and shaving their faces together. During the beginning song (Accidentally in Love- Chasing Crows), Little Red Riding Hood knocks on the candy house, presumably for her grandmother (which doesn't make sense because her grandmother did not live in a candy house)
  13. Over this past Christmas break, I had a chance to watch every single movie I own, since wifi was down at my house (I survived guys). Some of those movies include The Watch, Night at the Museum, Let's Be Cops, Tammy, and multiple "chick flicks." Although that was great, my movie highlight was watching all of the Shrek movies, except for the last one with Rumpelstiltskin as the villain- He was different than when he was shown in the previous movies (he had to be really, otherwise he wouldn't have been an interesting villain), and they were pushing too far to make it a good movie like the others
  14. Before going into Physics, I never really thought about the influence it has over everything. I knew there was a way to connect physics to everything, but I didn't think about it very much. Now that I have to work to apply physics to aspects of my daily life or other things, it has come flying at me how many things I've done that involve physics. One of the biggest aspects of my life has a lot of physics worked into it. Every year since 5th grade, I have done Odyssey of the Mind with almost the same group of girls and sometimes couple of guys. Every year we do the same problem number, but we
  15. In the beginning of the year, all of the students had to take a preassessment. Sitting down, I was nervous of what I would see once I opened the packet. Although everyone chose random answers so they could get it over with, I wanted to at least look at the questions given. As I flipped through the pages, I saw questions that seemed surprisingly easy, but then I asked myself, "Is this a trick? Am I being punked? Where's Ashton?" I continued looking through the test, and most of the questions with pictures and questions about the predicted path of an object still seemed very straight forward.
  16. I am the type of person who, as soon as i start learning something, I apply those things to things I do. Unfortunately, one of those things is Physics. Over the summer, I went with my family to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I absolutely loved it. It was hilarious, clever, had great music, and the special effects were out of this world (literally). Also, watching Star Wars Episode IV just before Guardians, really helped me appreciate how far technology has come in the past couple decades. Sadly though, school had to start and my times of simply watching a movie and not analyzing it were over.
  17. Since Blog posts are mandatory and I don't look around at how physics affects objects and people around me, I thought I'd begin my posts with the most interesting (and confusing) experience I've had involving physics. Let me set the scene: I was an innocent freshman filling out my sheet for what seminars I would like to attend for Science Exploration Day that year. There were many options and I wanted to learn about so many of them. I finally decided on my top 4 or 5 and I was very ready for that day to arrive. When Science Exploration Day finally came around, I was most excited for a semina
  18. Although physics is important, Make sure you study for part checks in Chorale, because they're really important.
  19. Hi, I'm Mary. I'm 15, my birthday is on Thanksgiving, and I'm not really a science person. Every year, I do the Musical and it has been that way since i was a little "sevey" if that's how you spell it. I usually do Odyssey of the Mind every year with some of my best friends and we even made our way to the world competition a couple years ago. If someone was to ask me if I read book 6 months ago, I would have laughed in their face. Now, I'm very interested in reading books with movies to be released soon, so I can compare all the differences. Also, it should be known that I'm a bit strange.
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