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  1. I do not believe the funding of particle colliders because of the risks we can take. in fact the reconstruction of the economy in general is much more important. I do believe although in the medical advances this can bring along in things such as the MIR yet the risks outweigh it. on a different level of things we have split the atom to create an atomic bomb and now using the splitting of sub atomic particles, imagine what more damage can be done. I believe in using things to such a massive scale like this in the wrong hands could be used to be deadly. funding trillions into something that is just developing in the end is really unrealistic for the unknowns we still have and how much money we could be taking away.
  2. i agree with your point towards medical research, yet I disagree in the funding in general because it is much to far out of reach for millions of dollars to be thrown down the drain. I do not believe we are far enough in our research to be throwing our hard earned money into something not yet perfected such as the LHC.
  3. there is all sorts of physics in sun light. for instance the sun light we see is actually delayed and comes in waves. what happens when a reflective surface meets sun light is that the light is refracted and shines on another surface. this actually occurs on several glass sky scrapers in cities and has been known to actually melt other objects such as parts of cars because the sun light is reflected back on an object.
  4. to start off I am talking about the physics of doing an actual trick such as a kick flip where you pop the board up with both feet on and slide your foot off causing a great amount of friction on the grip tape to hold you to the board. when popping up and sliding one foot off the board it causes a rotation to occur underneath you and you then catch the board when the board is back to griptape up. once you land you have to plant the lading which is difficult to do but easier to catch the board because the course griptape helps you in a sense stick to the board.
  5. when we hear music what is produced is sound waves which travel to the eardrum and vibrate causing us to hear certain frequency. the closer you get to a speaker of sorts when listening to music the louder it gets because the wave lengths are becoming shorter and the sound waves hit you closer thus causing a fuller and louder sound.
  6. in a lake there can be many vehicles that travel to get from point a to point b. what then occurs in this is rippling waves as a boat passes. usually a lake would be pretty still yet vehicles disrupt current as well as wind speed. what occurs is called waves and these waves travel through a medium. for instance if a fairly big wave comes along I myself move along with the wave along the medium thus forcing me up then back down. these waves that occur tend to be transverse. the opposite is longitudinal and tends to be sound waves and these waves vibrate objects in a medium instead of forcing an object through a physical wave.
  7. the other day in physics I encountered gravity when a classmate, kylee during a lab was not paying attention and happened to stub her toe on the stool I was sitting on. every action has an equal opposite reaction so of course the stool fell from underneath me which then caused me to fall straight down. this occurred because there was no longer anything to support me so I tragically fell straight down. the reason for such falling is from what is called gravity. the acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s squared on earth which is a pretty strong force of gravity considering on the moon such hard fall would not occur considering it is only 1.61.
  8. When someone speaks vibrations are sent throughout the room. This is the process of making sound. When sound waves or these vibrations reflect off of things and come back to you you then hear the sound being projected.
  9. When you strike a match a flame appears. This is solely because of heat energy being made in joules when two compounds strike each other by a force of friction. This friction is actually the sole source to the ignition of the flame because when the compounds meet the friction is where the heat source starts.
  10. When a ball is bounced on the ground the object makes a form of kinetic and potentials energy in which the ground and the Ball warm up. As well as this a ball can actually take form to floor a little bit as well. The kinetic energy and potential energy actually can force the ball upward while gravitational potential energy forces the ball back to earth.
  11. The physics in a moving car involves the roles of velocity and also acceleration. For instance when someone slams on the gas there is a form of acceleration in which the cars velocity increases and continues to increase. When you slam on the breaks you actually deaccelerate to a stop this is essentially a negative form of acceleration. When an accident occurs a car applys a force on another object thus causing damage. The force of friction is also used when a car skreeches it's brakes.
  12. it is a convenient time right now in talking about the physics that go into snow sports. for instance when it comes to skiing or snow boarding in this sense there is physics in which in order to maneuver all types of snow you must carve as they say which is actually using your body weight against the snow. when a skier maneuvers they tend to turn there body and legs against the snow and move sideways down a hill if the terrain is rough. when a skier falls they must use there own force to lift there weight back up. as well as this when a skier is to go uphill to a lift or what not you must chop your skies and move up sideways against the hill one step by one yet this is mainly for beginners. the physics in this generally is using your force against the snow.
  13. when you drive a car most everything that goes on belongs to the category of physics. this is because you have wheels, axels, and several other things that involve physics. some of these examples include when a tire touches down on the road. when a tire touches down and is moving there is an allowence to slow down or come to a stop because the tred on the tires provide what is called friction against the surface of asphalt. what ends up happening to the tires is the tred wears down because of friction. as well as this the friction also heats up the tire noticeably. when we involve axels, we spin a steering wheel thus turning the axels with a certain force. going back to friction if there was none we would all be remaining in motion and wouldnt be able to stop. this restates Newtons first law, an object in motion tends to stay in motion while an object at rest tends to stay at rest.
  14. there are applications of physics involved when you put pen or pencil to paper. for instance with pencil to paper there tend to me more physics involved. with a pointier tip of the pencil the darker the mark you will make and also the pencil will slide easier considering there is less surface area in contact with the paper. when you put the pencil on paper harder you get darker marks, this is because when you press on the graphite, that force applied is enough to make more grapihe te in contact with the paper. when you have a pen or a badly sharpened pencil you have more resistance being applied on the paper because of the grooves. this is known as friction.
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