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  1. when I walk gravity is always acting on me. all day long physics is acting on my body. when you fall you experience this because you are always being tied to the earth by gravity. when you jump in the air your being effected by gravity because you don't just keep going up into space. gravity is constantly bringing you back down to earth. also when you are falling you are constantly falling at a rate of 9.81 m/s2 down once you reach terminal velocity however you can no longer accelerate. however you will most likely not survive the fall at this point.
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    when swimming you use physics in order to get from one place to another in a pool. you exert a force on the water and the water exerts a force back onto you which is why you are able to move in the pool. when diving you jump off the diving board and gravity is acting on you. if it wasn't you would be floating in space right about now. because of tis you make a splash when you hit water. the splash is caused by the force that you exert when you hit the water. als friction is applied to your body when youre in the air as well as air resistance.
  3. when working out many different types of physics are used to get thing done. when you use a bench press you need to exert a force greater than the one on the bar in order to lift the bar. also when you do dips you need to be able to lift your body weight so that you can lift yourself over the bar same with curl ups. you need to apply a force to the bars to push yourself up.
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    while playing baseball you use physics to do anything involved with the baseball. when you go to hit a baseball you need to aply a force with the bat onto the ball in order to get the ball moving. this force needs to be greater than the force that is acting on the bat in order for the ball to go anywhere. also when you throw a baseball you need to apply a force in order to make the ball fly through the air. the greater this force is the farther the ball will travel.
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    in football there are many different ways that physics effects everything that goes on. when someone is tackled a greater amount of force is applied to the person who is being tackled than to the person who is being tackled. also when the football is thrown in the air gravity is always acting upon it with a force of 9.81 m/s2 down constantly. another way that physics acts upon people is that when you run and try to cut to avoid a tackle you aply a force to get you going in the opposite direction.
  6. I also like football, basketball, and baseball.
  7. I am a huge fan of music too. Ive even started learning how to play the guitar.
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    Hi, my name is Kelan, I am a junior at IHS and I like sports like baseball and football. I love playing video games with my friends when I get home from whatever practice that I've had after school. Also I enjoy listening to music while I do work around my house or when i walk my dog. I am taking Physics because i thought that it would be a fun think for me to try out. Another reason why I'm taking Physics is because I didn't want to take chemistry. I thought that this class would by more fun and would help me in school better then chemistry.
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