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  1. B-Reezy64
    Once again, it's B-Reezy with another sick story that will knock your socks off. So the squad and I went out and bought some slingshots at Harbor Freight Tools. I took an acorn and I put it in my slingshot and shot it at my friend's head. It apparently hurt him a lot. He volunteered to allow me to throw one at his head next as hard as I could and see how much it hurt. It hurt less (but of course it still hurt a lot because I am swole (and more so than Delaney)). This, much like my phone experiment (all of my blog posts will probably be the same) proves the effect of applied force on an object.
  2. B-Reezy64
    Here's something you may not have been able to gauge about me from my rocking physical appearance and cool demeanor, but I am actually a pretty avid gamer. I have a PS4 cause I'm cool and I swear I don't play it enough for this to happen, but my control sticks are ripping, although this is probably due to the sheer amount of strength I contain in my fingers due to being so darn strong (more so than Tuskee). This has to do with the friction I create with the rubber on the thumbstick and my thumb. I apply so much that the rubber can not handle it and begins to rip, I create more friction than the stick was made to accept. I blame this entirely on Sony for being so bummy. Anyway, this is a great example of friction and is comparable to my post about drifting albeit entirely different.
  3. B-Reezy64
    Guess who's back? Back again...Reezy's back...tell a friend. I am a very talented and well oriented driver, I've had my license for around 2 months now and I am a pro that could honestly be a NASCAR driver. One time, I was out to lunch with some bum and he decided to walk back to school. Being the good Samaritan that I am, I wasn't having any of that. I went to pick him up but didn't see him until I was very close to the parking lot he was passing so I drifted into it. This was my first ever powerslide. Friction is an integral portion of a powerslide, the tires lose traction and begin to slide so friction is basically just completely lost. In order to gain it back, I had to have very accurate steering and throttle control. When I stepped on the breaks and turned, I gained my traction back and created friction to gain control over the tires. I'm not sure if any of that is right but I think it is.
  4. B-Reezy64
    In Super Smash Brothers, from Melee and onward in the franchise, Yoshi, the green dinosaur that is also my avatar, has the ability to turn into a ball and roll over enemies. What I find interesting though is the fact that Yoshi never stops when he hits an opponent, even a large one like Bowser or Donkey Kong. One can chalk this up to the game being a game and not having to follow any laws of physics. However, if it did, Newton's first law would come into play when Yoshi came into connect with his foe. What this law states is that an object in motion must stay in motion unless acted upon by a force. Now, Yoshi is a fairly small dinosaur, I doubt that he has a very great mass or could produce a strong enough force to move a large enemy by rolling into them, especially if they perform one of their smash attacks on his egg. In the game, though, Yoshi will always plow through his opponent no matter what they try to do to him, unless they block, meaning that no attack contains enough force to beat the egg, whether this be by cracking it open or reversing its direction. This also implies that the shield can apply a great enough force to do this since it reverses the direction of the egg, meaning it returns a force great enough to push the egg back, but not enough to break it. Fox's shine attack will break it, but lets take that out of the equation because Fox is OP and you're probably a noob with him anyway lol pleb.
  5. B-Reezy64
    Hello everyone, today, I would like to share with you a very nautical experiment that I conducted outside of school. I wore safety glasses and gloves for protection by the way. So, what I did was took my phone and dropped it. Yes, that is right, I dropped my phone. And do you know why? It's because my case rocks. Anyway, I took my phone and dropped it from a height of 5 feet and dropped it. I let it fall and it hit the ground fine. Then I dropped it from the same height and applied AS MUCH FORCE AS I COULD I WENT HARD ON IT LET ME TELL YOU. The phone fell and slammed into the ground and all that happened was that a part of the case became a little loose. This shows the effect of applied force on something, in this case, it was an expensive iPhone with a sick case.
  6. B-Reezy64
    I've been thinking, what is it that stops a bullet from going through a bulletproof window? Does a force come from the window to reflect/stop the bullet? The way I figure it is that whatever material the window is made of is strong enough to repel the force of a bullet, but this must mean that somehow, the window is returning a force greater than that of the bullet, right? I'm seriously asking because I can't figure this one out and once again, Google is too much effort for me. Someone comment and confirm my hypothesis, I don't think this post will get me credit but I do still need to know.
  7. B-Reezy64
    We all know how brake systems work in a vehicle. However, today, I am going to try to connect physics to braking in a way that I'm not actually sure is correct or will make any sense at all but here goes nothing. Alrighty everyone, consider the following. What if I told you that when you use the brake in your car, you are actually creating an applied force. Think of all the forces at work when driving, there's the force of gravity, the force of friction from the tires and the road, the applied force from the brakes, and the normal force of the vehicle. The applied force of the brakes has to be the strongest one in order to slow the car down and bring it to a complete stop. Once again, I'm not actually sure if this is correct, I thought about this in the shower for whatever reason and decided to write it here without even performing a simple Google search to see if it was even remotely correct, but hey, I think I know what I'm doing here, I have like a 72 in the class so I'm Gucci.
  8. B-Reezy64
    Super Smash Bros is my favorite video game of all time. In the game, you get launched into the air and killed by being thrown off stage past the side boundaries, being launched high enough to either smack the screen or pull a Team Rocket in the background, or by falling off the stage into the bottomless abyss that is the underside of the stage. However, the effects of the smash attacks that send you flying off can be negated, this is known as Vectoring. It is an advanced technique that perfectly relates to physics since it's about vectors and vectoring and the word vector. It is done by tilting the analog stick in the opposite direction that you were sent flying in, this lessens the effect of the attack and will stop you from flying and then move you back toward the stage. You can also change your downward falling speed to return to the stage quicker once you're back above it. The way vectoring works, I believe, is by making your fighter push forward with a force great enough to nullify the impact of the attack he/she was just struck by. Although I do not understand how the characters can do this, I'll just assume it's because it's a video game about flying to your death and this is just a cool technique to save your butt.
  9. B-Reezy64
    In Dragon Ball Z, whenever a character transforms into a powered up state, their hair becomes golden and they're referred to as "Super Saiyans". There a few different forms of Super Saiyan, but in the clip, I've linked, Gohan goes SS2. When a character transforms, they begin to produce a powerful aura that destroys and lifts the ground around it, causing debris to fly up and float around the character, and for the earth to shatter underneath them. This means that the aura itself is so powerful that the force of it alone is enough to break the ground and launch it through the air. That is absolutely insane, I can't even pick up the ground with my arms.

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