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  1. Introduction: We decided to see if cars travelling North down Cooper Road outside of Irondequoit High School were speeding. We set up a timing station at twenty meters from the start to measure the speed of passing cars.



    1. We chose a starting point on a line on the road, so timers could better see when cars started the measurable distance.
    2. When a car passed the starting point, timers at the station began their stopwatch. When the car passed the timer, they stopped their watch.
    3. Timers recorded the time it took for the car to travel the distance.

    Calculation: post-3488-0-41460700-1410804037_thumb.pn

    Conclusion: The average speed was 15.7 m/s, just .1m/s over the speed limit. Our conclusion is that cars travelling on Cooper Road do not often speed, perhaps due to the school zone.

    If we do this experiment again, there are a few things we can improve on. For one, we had some large distances in time span; this can be remedied by perhaps standardizing the timing system – should the timer start/stop when the front of the car passes through each point, the middle of the car, or the end?








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  2. *name's, that requires an apostrophe because you're saying that your name is in fact Delaney. Anyways, I probably won't get credit for saying that so I'm gonna say that I agree with your reasons for taking Physics, I am in the same boat. 

  3. Hello fellow students, my name is Bobby and I like reading and sports even though I'm too lazy to do either. So I guess I like the concept of reading and watching sports. I'm a senior, like many of you! 


    I'm taking Physics because it's the study of everything and I'm interested in everything. I hope to learn about everything this year. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in class. 


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