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  1. Real World Applications: In the summer when you have water balloon throwing contests, many balloons break when they are being caught due to the impact. The important key in successfully catching the water balloon after it is thrown is to extend the time of the collision (when the water balloon reaches your hand) You have to keep your arms out reached and cradle the water balloon so it does not pop. If you want to win the contest, follow this strategy.
  2. In sports where you have to hit a ball with a racket or bat, you are encouraged to swing and follow through. This increases the time of the collision. Also there is an increase in the change of velocity on the ball. Such sports as tennis or baseball, you want to follow through because it will increase the velocity which will increase your success.
  3. When you turn on the oven, the air is heated by conduction. Conduction is the spontaneous transfer of heat from a region of higher temperature to a region of lower temperature. Due to convection, the air is circulated due to the different densities between hot and cold air. Next, the baked good will also be heated through conduction, once placed in the oven. The infrared light waves, also known as heat energy will pass through the entire mixture and the overall temperature of the cake will increase. As the temperature of the cake rises, the gas cells expand and the chemical rising agent releases carbon dioxide. These bubbles of gas create gaps in the mixture causing the cake to expand and rise. Mary Deng and I baked delicious brownie/cookie desserts along with confetti cupcakes.
  4. Blogging Assignment #1 The topic i chose that has a lot of physics is, cheerleading. Cheerleading applies to physics because people are constantly being flipped around. Whether its tumbling or flying, physics is involved. For example, when a girl is going up in a basket toss, there is a lot of momentum that has to drive through in order to push the girl higher into the air. I am taking physics this year because i need the science credit and i thought it would be a challenging class for me to work hard in. I am most excited to make the catapult this year but i am most anxious for the final exam
  5. About Me Hi my name is Brenda and i am a senior at West Irondequoit. I have two sisters and no pets. I am a Varsity cheerleader and am hoping for a great season. I love to sleep, eat, and spend time with family and friends. Pasta is my absolute favorite food just saying. I hope to go to St. Bonaventure and major in Accounting. I am a hard worker and make sure i get my work finished. I am taking physics because i needed to take another year of science and thought this class would be fun and interesting. I also wanted to challenge myself this year. I hope to learn all aspects of physics because everything in the world has to do with physics.
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