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  1. Poor lucy! gravity constantly makes us feel DOWN about ourselves ): (get it...)
  2. Katie I loved this day too! It was so thrilling and I wasn't brave enough either lol
  3. wow who knew you knew so much about Einstein!!!! ((:::
  4. KalB

    Light's Out

    Friday April 10th might as well have been Friday the 13th!!! Due to the very strong wind, the traffic lights on Cooper and Titus were knocked out. Unfortunately, several businesses around that area also felt the wrath of Mother Nature, suffering from power outages themselves. I work at Cam's Pizzeria as I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, and my place of work suffered from the power outage but heres the catch... only in half of our store. What does this have to do with physics you say? Well the part of our store that of course had the oven on it did not receive power. The fryers worked and of course the sub bench but nothing involving pizza. A few lights worked and a few switches didn't. Why is that?? I think it has to do with the electrical circuits. The lights that were still on probably operated by parallel circuits so they had more than one path to travel as a back up. The ones that were out immediately, like the oven, were probably powered by series circuits, and only had one path to go through, shutting the light source off completely. Eventually, (8 hours later), the power was back on. After dealing with rude customers who were not understand and turning away about 5 French foreign exchange students, everything was back to normal and we could serve pizza again. (:
  5. In Orchestra, we are currently rehearsing a piece entitled "Danza" composed by some hotshot 21st century guy who has no respect for the left hand of a cellist. After the first 53 measures, my entire section plays a series of D's. By a series a mean 500+ until the end of the piece. Its both irritating and painful after a while. As my pinky crinkles up into nothing at the end of the period, I think of physics. I'm exerting x amount of force onto the neck of my cello, onto the spring to play the note. My cello is exerting the same force back onto my poor pinky! Newton tells us that forces come in pairs, equal and opposite. I honestly wish Ms. Murrell would have picked a piece that wouldn't leave me with arthritis in my pinky, but her decision is final :/. I cannot wait until March, where we play this piece for the last time and my pinky can start its recovery.
  6. So basically we put out Christmas tree up 4 days before Christmas. That being said, we were not about to take it down 5 days later! Or even after the New Year apparently... ANYWAY, our Christmas tree was finally taken down last weekend. But upon taking it down I realized that the unit we were doing in physics really related to our tree, or the lights at least! Christmas lights use both power and energy, which are measured in watts. When the lights are off but plugged in they have a certain amount of potential energy and a certain amount of kinetic energy. The total mechanical energy stays the same throughout the process though. Any energy not accounted for or "lost" is converted into heat! Because of course we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The whole process of the lights obviously involves an electrical part of physics that we obviously haven't reached yet in the curriculum but I cant wait until we get there!
  7. KalB


    Today while stocking the coke cooler at work, I also had to simultaneously arrange the left over bottles into neat rows from their soft, plastic containers. After I had them all arranged nicely, and stacked on top of each other, a few of the containers that I didn't have room for fell over. BOOM! It was so embarrassing, customers looked to the back and my boss gave me a look that could kill. Shaken up soda flew everywhere. I realize I only have physics to blame for this! I bet I could figure out the time it took for all of the bottles to hit the floor if I used Kinematics. The bottles fell because the force of gravity pulled them down. They had an acceleration of approximately 9.81 m/s^2 downward, with an initial velocity of 0, and a distance of about 1 meter. If I used d=vi(t)+1/2(a)(t)^2 and solved for t I could definitely find the time it took for all of the bottles to fall and for everyones eyes to focus on me :/ thanks a lot gravity!
  8. KalB

    Ice, Ice, Baby....

    About two weeks ago I went ice skating with some friends of mine. It was so much fun and I didn't even fall! But both myself and my friends' amateur moves were put to shame when a few couples started showing us how its really done! They twirled, they spun, they jumped and twirled some more. There's a lot of physics in fancy ice skating- er, figure skating. First of all, we see Newton's first law: an object at motion stays in motion until acted upon by a force. The ice skaters glide across the ice because its Force of Friction isn't big enough to actually stop them; they put a force on themselves to stop themselves by dragging their skate on the ice. Unless they drag their foot, they'd just keep going. We also see Newton's Third Law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For the couple that did the jump turns, as they pushed off of the ice with their skate the put a force on the ice, and the ice put the same force back on the skater which caused them to go up. Though I can't do fancy tricks that involve tons of physics, I still had loads of fun.
  9. KalB


    theres so much physics everywhere! I cant wait to read your blog posts about your new job (hopefully!) and then we'll be able to relate to eachother!
  10. A couple of weeks ago, when we received a TON of snow and it was -15 degrees (but still received no snow/cold day), I sadly had to drive to school. Before driving to school I had to pick up my friend Natalie. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to get from my house to school, but this day it ended up taking me 35!! On the way, everyone drove like old ladies (naturally) and even going 20 mph I found myself sliding and being sucked into the slush and ice; it was terrifying!!! I read somewhere that to come to a stop, in bad snowy weather, it was important to pump the brakes and not slam on them. There's actually lots of physics just in a car. Pumping is better than slamming because of friction. When you slam on the brakes, there's still Kinetic Energy in your tires, causing you to keep sliding and moving, which is all very scary (DONT do that)! By pumping the brakes, as I did, Natalie and I got to school safe and sound.
  11. KalB

    Physics of GTA

    NEATO! way to apply physics to one of your favorite hobbies
  12. wow really sounds like you know your stuff, Jess!
  13. KalB

    Sweet Spot Physics

    Wow thank HEAVENS for gravity! without it you would've been picking up nuts for days!
  14. KalB

    physics in disney

    that's so cool! that ride sounds so fun AND its all about physics! >o<
  15. chewy is so cute! you should post a picture of him doing this next time!
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