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  1. Every year, our government spends approximatley $9 billion to fund research for Particle Colliders. However, this is wasted money. The money that is spent on this research comes from tax payers who are unaware of where their money is being spent. This is unfair to the people, becasue while the research does have potential to do good, there has been limited progress. The reaseard that has taken place is risky and poses potential harm to its test subjects. FInally, the money that is being spent on all this research could be better used in other ways. Our nations national debt has continued to increase, and we still have no hope of paying it all off. $9 billion would be a great way to at least make a dent in our national debt. While there are many benefits of Particle Research, our nation cannot afford to continue funding it,.
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    Bounce as high as you can. How high could you jump on flat ground? Now jump on a trampoline. How high did you go that time? A lot higher right? So why is that? What make us bounce so much higher when on a trampoline compared to when on the ground? Simply put, it's the Potential and Kinetic Energy of the trampoline. The potential energy that is stored in the springs, along with the gravitational potential energy and the kinetic energy while you move, allows for a higher bounce. Skyzone, a popular place to go and have a good time, is simply a room full of trampolines. You bounce from one trampoline to another, flip into a giant pit or foam, or even dunk a basketball on super high basket. One you could never reach on your own.
  3. Have you ever taken a plane ride? Isn't it weird to think about how this huge mass is soaring through the sky without falling to its death? How is this remotely possible? Well simply put, physics! After breaking it all down, an airplanes flight ability comes down to one key thing, and that is the balance of force. If the upward force of the object is greater than that of the force being pushed onto the object, the object will rise. If the force of gravity to too great, then the object will not be able to rise. Balancing the forces is key, and vital to the planes ability to fly. All of us know Isaac Newton, and his three principles help us to better understand exactly how flight is possible.
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    Sunny and 75

    After months of cold, bone chilling weather, the sun finally came back out. To celebrate this beautiful day, we took a quick trip to the beach. As we walked the pier, we noticed how the waves flowed back and forth toward the shore. Although the sunset and waves created a pretty view, we cannot ignore the physics behind the beauty. A wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through medium from one location to another location. But what causes the disturbance? The winds in the air cause waves on the surface of the ocean and on lakes, or any other large (or small) body of water. The wind will then transfer bits of its energy to the water. Then, because of the friction between the air molecules and the water molecules, waves begin to form. The more wind there is, the larger the wave will be.
  5. Have you ever wondered how Princess Rapunzel could bare so much weight as she pulled up her prince? How could her neck not break? How could she not lose her skull? In reality, what she did was impossible. The physics of that fairytale made her story impossible. But the recent developments have made her story slight more realistic. In more modern stories, Rapunzel no longer just throws down her hair. In newer version, she wraps her hair around something. Even something small like a bed post would save, both Rapunzel and her prince since he is no longer hanging onto the wall by her scalp.
  6. We are all told that we should never text and drive. It's a distraction on the road that people everywhere are guilty of. Our nation loses thousands of lives due to texting and driving accidents, but people still don't seem to understand the dangers of it. But how do we know when an accident was caused by someone being distracted by their cell phones? How do we know the person didn't just have an unfortunate accident? Simple, physics. Using simple equations, like distance times time, we are able to test out the reaction time of people to unexpected events. Through the work of physics, physicists are able to test whether or not the people in the accident were distracted on road, or if they had a reasonable reaction time.
  7. I always wondered why is hurt so much when you punched something. Besides the obviously answer of: "It's a hard surface against your little hand" I never truly had an answer until we learned about Newton's Laws. Newton's Third Law helped to answer my question. According to Newton, when you put any force on any object, the amount of force you exert will be exerted back on you. Punching a wall, punching a person, or anything like that results in pain because all the force you exerted comes right back onto you.
  8. While in Cambodia, I got to ride all different types of scooters and motorcycles. All over people, you'll find people getting around using motorcycles and mopeds. Motorcycles include different parts of physics because you deal with dynamics, acceleration, and gravitational force. Trying to keep your body centered to prevent from an accident, while the motorcycle accelerates all has to do with physics. Not only that, but when turning a motorcycle, the bike must lean without falling totally over. The faster you turn, the more lean there is needed to complete the turn. A really lean turn is generated by centrifugal force, which can we compared to turn of gravitational force. http://youtu.be/yGtCMxu8PyM?t=3m
  9. The physics definition of work is the process of moving an object by applying a force. Everyday, without even noticing we are putting in work to move an object. Work must involve displacement from the force trying to move the object. Typing on a keyboard, pushing open a door, and many sports all involve work. Soccer for example, is a sport based on people applying a force to a soccer ball to get it down a field in hopes of scoring.
  10. Building the catapult involved taking many measurements to find how to make the catapult go as far as it could possibly throw a soft ball. To get the furthest distance we had to measure our catapult at an angle of 45 degrees. That would allow us to reach a farther distance than if the catapult were set at any other angle. Later, we added bungee cords, but knew that the more tension on the catapult the further the ball would fly. We took measurements of every PVC pipe used and every piece of wood. Brenda and I wanted the symmetry with our catapult, not only a good distance shot.
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    TI selfie competition
  12. When you turn on the oven, the air is heated by conduction. Conduction is the spontaneous transfer of heat from a region of higher temperature to a region of lower temperature. Due to convection, the air is circulated due to the different densities between hot and cold air. Next, the baked good will also be heated through conduction, once placed in the oven. The infrared light waves, also known as heat energy will pass through the entire mixture and the overall temperature of the cake will increase. As the temperature of the cake rises, the gas cells expand and the chemical rising agent releases carbon dioxide. These bubbles of gas create gaps in the mixture causing the cake to expand and rise. Brenda and I baked delicious brownie/cookie desserts along with confetti cupcakes.
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