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  1. If there is any question the assassin's creed games poses its: Is it possible to pass down memories through DNA? How would such a thing be possible even with our years of evolution? The science behind DNA coding and current experiments may surprise you.
  2. If you have ever played cod ghosts you will be surprised to know the death rods from space are actually possible and deadly. Calculating the kinetic force of a rod falling from space proves to have terrifying results
  3. Bullet bill from the classic Mario games has always been the target of frustrated groans and countless virtual lives lost. But using physics and mass to calculate force we find out that this terror of the mushroom kingdom is not all its cracked up to be
  4. (Link to video above) In the videogame mortal combat one of the finishing moves happens to be utilizing sound to explode the other characters head. Using the science of frequencies and the human body matpat tells us all how terrifying silence really is
  5. (Link to video above) Is the force created by the infamous hookshot too dangerous for a human body to withstand? Using physics the answer is more shocking and terrifying than you may think
  6. you will shoot your eye out kid!!
  7. To quote a Christmas favorite "You'll shoot your eye out kid!"
  8. morganism2.0


    Batman is a great movie! I'm glad it follows the laws of physics while still being awesome!
  9. Maybe now you will learn to get shoes for more friction! at least for your health's sake!
  10. The catapults were fun to make, you should post a picture of yours
  11. the physics of a physics assignment about physics... the list must go on and on!!
  12. I guess you could say it reached terminal velocity because your dinner died XD
  13. == > Search on youtube “Game theory Metroid Morph ball†and the video will be the first result. Ever wonder if Samus can REALLY fit into that tiny morph ball of hers without being crushed to bits? Well here is the answer! Samus is about 6 foot 5 or about 2 meters tall according to the official website. By converting this height into the number of pixels Samus is tall we are able to deduce that the morph ball is about two feet 7 inches or .8 meters tall. That right there is about 41% of Samus’s height, practically anyone can curl up into a ball that small. That’s right PRACTICALLY ANYONE. At least, that’s only in the first game; maybe the 3-D games are different! Wrong. NOPE. In the 3-D games we are shown in plain sight that Samus goes into a modified summersault position that is about 50% her height, so still incredibly easy to pull off. Super Metroid actually is the game that makes the ball to Samus ratio a little more difficult. Factoring the volume of the sphere (v=(4?3)(pie)r^3) we find out the space inside the morph ball is a tight .014 m^3. If Samus is a frontal bending contortionist however this is plausible (with aggressive training anyone can become one, fancy that!) because contortionists can contort their bodies to fit into spaces down to the volume of .069 m^3!! That’s half the size of the morph ball! So not only is the Morph ball completely easy to pull off, its completely useless! The morph ball is used mainly to go through tight spaces when in reality its larger than a person in the crawling position easily. So really the morph ball was just made for the programming team to have an easier time programming the game. Not so daunting now Morph ball! Well I’m done here! == > Morganism 2.0 OUT!
  14. == > search on YouTube “Game Theorists Assassin creed leap of faith†it will be the first result in short, no you cannot survive this jump and walk out unscathed. As you probably know any fall exceeding 100 feet would lead to the projectile, A.K.A our beloved Assassin, reaching terminal velocity which means not at all survivable. However 44 people have survived falls from six miles high or 3100 feet out of a plane and survived, out of which 13 freefell without any debris to cling onto. Even though this is impressive, a fall from this high would still be the same as a fall from 1500 feet. This is because around 1500 feet is where all projectiles from that height or higher will reach terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is where the force of the air resistance and the force of gravity are equal and you no longer accelerate downwards, maxing out at around 54 m/s. Another thing, the assassins in assassin creed may be falling correctly, spreading their bodies and falling in a substance that has some give, but falling on their backs is not the optimal falling position for surviving a huge fall. The best way to land is falling in the sky diver’s position with hips and legs flexed is much better for coping with the fall. So props to the assassins for not dyeing as horribly at least… Looking into the high-dive achievement for the game, Ezio jumps off the famous Campanille di Giotto in Italy (a 278 foot or 84.7 meter tower) which is well above the terminal velocity zone. This fall takes about 3.7 seconds to finish and with the acceleration due to gravity being 9.81 m/s/s we can plug these into an equation to see if everything checks out. However it doesn’t! This means the gravity in the assassin’s creed world must be higher than the gravity on earth! Gravity would have to be 12.4 m/s/s in assassin’s creed’s version of earth which is 125% of earth’s gravity and greater than every other planet in our solar system (except for Juptier) The video goes on to explain multiple other games and the details of gravity in their universe so if you wish to know more about the flawed programming be my guest. But for now,
  15. If you are a Bioshock fan you probably think that the underwater city of rapture is one of the most interesting settings of videogames. But is this undersea utopia actually possible? The answer will surprise you! == > Search on YouTube “Game Theory Rapture†and the video explaining shall be the first result Even in some of the shallowest parts of the ocean one huge speed bump on the road to creating rapture is the existence of pressure. However, there recently has been a journey into marina’s trench (the deepest part of the ocean) using a submarine (called the triton) that has a cockpit consisting of a glass sphere made entirely out of Pyrex, which is a material that actually strengthens under pressure. The current Pyrex formula was developed in the 1940s, which means it would be around and available during the time the game claims to take place, 1959. This means the glass portions of the city (presumably Pyrex) would hold up to the pressure of where the city is located, however you cant say the same thing for the eroding buildings… The distribution of oxygen to the city is also possible through the electrolysis of water, which is the separation of hydrogen and oxygen in water through the use of an electrical current (this technique has been around since the 1800s). Getting rid of the hydrogen waste humans produce can also be handled through CO2 scrubbers, devices that trap co2 in the air so they can be thrown away as waste physically (this device and technology has existed since 1878). Finally the power source for the city is simple: Geothermic energy. Being closer to the layer of magma below the crust than on land, the underwater city is able to drill into the layer of magma and extract the heat for energy quite easily because transporting the heat to the surface and finding the right spot to do it in (the city’s location is near a hotspot for geothermal energy) is no longer an issue. And to wrap it up the use of geothermal energy in Iceland (where rapture is located near) dates back to 1930. So not only is Rapture Possible, it was possible back in 1959 when the city of Rapture was constructed in the game. SO there you have it, Rapture is possible and has been for quite a while now. I don’t know about you, but I would very much like to live in a dystopia underwater NYC, so lets make this happen!! == > Morganism2.0 OUT
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