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  1. Great connections to school! I even love you humor!
  2. This blog post is strictly through observation, not experience. Most high schoolers have this fascination with fights. When it happens it is the big talk for the day. It is purely entertainment. But what most students down know is that physics is what really happens during a fight. The fist applies a force on the face, the person who got hit in the face will have some bruising and stiffness. But what happens to the fist, well the next day that is sore, swollen and sometimes even broken if they swing hard. But its not the fact that the fist hit the face, the fact that the face hit the fist is what causes the pain. This logic can be explained through Newton's Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that when forces interact, they have forces that are equal magnitude. Now, the excuse you can say to your administration is "Well his face hit my hand" because although it seems like you're trying to be a smart-aleck, there is some truth behind it! I do not anyone recommend to try this at home, or anywhere in general!!
  3. Annie! That is so awesome! I think its so cool how we can apply lacrosse to physics! Who knew!
  4. I've been playing lacrosse since I was 7 years old. To me it was always just a fun game which you throw a ball around in the air and try to out score your opponent. But after starting physics this year, I have realized the game of lacrosse is all physics. The main topic I have noticed it projectiles. There are horizontal and vertical projectiles. when I throw a long pass down the filed to my teammate, the ball take a parabolic path across the field. It is cool because I can take my knowledge of physics and use that to know how hard I need to throw the ball down the field to get it a certain distance. Lets say I needed to maximize my horizontal distance to get the ball down the field, I know I have to release my throw at a 45 degree angle. Not only that but if I need to get it over my opponent I need to know that to maximize the height of my throw, I need to release it at a 90 degree angle. This is all fascinating to me because knowing this could help me improve my throwing accuracy which will in turn help my team win!
  5. I make science "SMASHIN'" with my TI claculator #TISelfie
  6. Hi Erika! i love that we play lacrosse together and work together!
  7. Hi, my name is KAtie! I am a senior this year at Irondequoit! I am interested in a lot of different activites. I am in Student council and I am the School Board Rep. I also play Varsity tennis, basketball and lacrosse. I love to play lacrosse becasue it is something I have been playing since I was seven years old. I also enjoy being apart of Student Council because I have met so many new people and learned so much more about what it means to be a great leader! In my free time i enjoy watching netflix. This year I am taking Regents Physics becasue I will most likely see a college physics class next year as I move on with my education. I also hope I will fing ou tthat I really do enjoy physics. I am very excited for this year and I am not interested in just any one toopic, I just want tot learn how my daily activites are connected to physics.
  8. Hey Amelia! I love that we both are in Student Council together!
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