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  1. Particle Collider Reasearch funding should continue for multiple reasons. One reason because all of the medical success that has been achieved through this research; the use of protons and nuetron can help the treatment of cancer(www.fnal.gov). Another reason is the knowledge we can gain from it, for example understanding of outerspace. This technology can also measure cosmic rays. This is benefical to help us learn of how the surroundings around us are working. Lastly, the particle reasearch has been an active participant in industry. They use this research in power transmission cable by spee
  2. That is a very long flight but I am sure it was more than worth it!
  3. I think it is so cool how something that seems so common on Earth is not available everywhere!
  4. Quinn

    Walter Lewin

    Thats a lot of great information that is interesting and knowledgeable
  5. This post is hilarious and great example of physics in the world of lacrosse!
  6. Quinn

    Guitar physics

    That so cool! I have always wanted to be able to play the guitar.
  7. A tool that provides direction by the use of magnetism is based on the basis of physics. This tool, the compass, has been used for many centuries and helped guide history through various explorations. Today, this tool is not used as much as it had been in the past but if you are ever lost it is a great instrument to help you find your way. Magnetism is one of the first bits of science students learn about in school and just about the first thing we discover is that like poles repel opposite poles attract. If you hold two bar magnets so their north poles are almost touching, they will push a
  8. Quinn

    Flashlight Physics

    As the end of the school year comes to an end I am becoming ecstatic just thinking about camping. Every year, my family goes to the Thousand Islands and camps out. During that week we spend our time swimming, jet skiing and hanging around the campfire. That is a week I look forward to every year. A very useful tool that needs to be brought every year is a flashlight. We need this instrument because walking around at night can become directionless without know in which way your destination is. Through this blog I hope to inform and remind others of how the physics of a light flash works. Ev
  9. Quinn

    Television Remote

    Even though the month of March had gone by fast , it is a month of television watching and switching through various channels. This phenomenon is all because of one event: March Madness. Overall, those two weeks I had spent a good portion of my time at home in front of a screen. So when it was time to write a blog post electricity became an easy topic to write about. Especially because during class we had recently finished a unit on electricity. From what I have learned in class as well as doing some research I had found that the logistics of a television remote are actual quite simplistic
  10. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because for me that means it is lacrosse season! During practice one day when I was trying to think of a topic for a blog post it became obvious to me that lacrosse is a perfect example of physics in action in my life. Newton's Three Laws really became the primacies at which I was able to figure out the physics within this sport. Newton's First Law: An object at rest will remain at rest until acted up by an external force. In the case of lacrosse, the net cradles the ball, which connects to the stick before a player finally acts upon it. A centripetal force
  11. Quinn


    This weekend I was involved on the Dodge for Josh Dodgeball Tournament. This tournament raised money for the Josh Rojas Foundation. This event proved how physics can not only be fun but at times can also be painful. In the game of dodgeball the entire objective is to create and form collisions. In this sport there are two typees of collisions, inealastic and elastic. One can witness the collisions by watching a player get hit by a ball or when two balls collide into one another. IN an elastic collision, the total momentum and kinetic energy are both conserved. In an inelastic collision, the tw
  12. Quinn


    Since it is winter I cannot wait to sled. This year since I am in physics I want to understand sledding better by using Newton’s laws of motion. Newton's First Law of Motion, the Law of Inertia, states that an object's velocity will not change unless it is acted on by an outside force. The greater mass or velocity an object has, the greater its inertia. For example, it takes a pretty strong push to get you and a friend on the same sled moving, but once you gather speed you'll keep going even at the bottom of the hill where the run flattens out. It takes much more force to stop you and your
  13. Since the price of salt has increased and as a result the streets will be more dangerous to drive and walk on a question came to mind: Why do people slip? After beginning to fully understand the logic behind friction I figured out a basic understanding of why it happens. When we walk, we need friction between our shoes and the ground to give us the ability to move forwards. Without friction we would not be able to remain standing for very long, let alone walking. If at some stage the amount of friction that the ground to the shoe contact provides less than we need, then it will result in sli
  14. Quinn


    When skating, the skates of a hockey player do two things: They glide over the ice and they push off the ice with the edge, in order to gain speed. The physical properties of ice is what allows hockey players to maneuver the way they do. For instance, the low friction of the skate blade with the ice and the physical properties of the ice is what allows a player to speed up, or stop. A hockey player propels himself forward by pushing off the ice with a force perpendicular to the skate blade. Since the friction of the blade with the ice is almost zero, this is the only way he can propel himself
  15. Quinn


    Frequency: At any point in the air near the source of sound, the molecules are moving backwards and forwards, and the air pressure varies up and down by very small amounts. The number of vibrations per second is called the frequency (f). It is measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz). The pitch of a note is almost entirely determined by the frequency: high frequency for high pitch and low for low. Human ears are most sensitive to sounds between 1 and 4 kHz - about two to four octaves above middle C. That is why piccolo players do not have to work as hard as tuba players in order to be heard
  16. Quinn


    The motion of a skier is determined by the physical principles of the conservation of energy and the frictional forces acting on the body. For example, in downhill skiing, as the skier is accelerated down the hill by the force of gravity, his gravitational potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, the energy of motion. In the ideal case, all of the potential energy would be converted into kinetic energy; in reality, some of the energy is lost to heat due to friction. One type of friction acting on the skier is the kinetic friction between the skis and snow. The force of friction acts in
  17. Crazy to think how physics is everywhere and is in everything! I tried to think of something that did not relate to it but it is impossible.
  18. Quinn


    I loved doing the catapult and being able to do it with a team of my choice! How far did yours go? was it as far as you had hoped?
  19. Do you have your license? Driving is such a great way to represent physics!
  20. Quinn

    Physics of Disney World

    I love Disney! that was such a creative idea to pull in something so fun and relate it to physics.
  21. It is so cute that you were able make a bunny be a story and example to physics. What was your inspiration for writing on this topic?
  22. That is so cool that you were able to relate a musical skill to physics. I love your emoji!
  23. Quinn

    Bouncing a Ball

    During volleyball practice during a water break I was bouncing a ball, so I thought of all the physics within the simple movement of the ball hitting the floor then hitting my hand. The simple act of bouncing a ball is more physics than meets the eye. I The ball moves vertically (up and down) and horizontally (moving forward). With each bounce, and each step the vertical and horizontal distance/ height, seconds in the air and velocity was constantly changing. Also as the ball falls it accelerates due to the force of gravity. The ball continues to accelerate until it hits the ground which resu
  24. Quinn

    Quinn's First Blog

    Hi! My name is Quinn and I am a Junior at Irondequoit High School. I am involved in many sports such as basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. I love to play sports because I am able to workout and stay in shape while having fun with my friends. Last year I took Chemistry with Mr. Meredith and he told me last year that if you are going into the medical field physics is an important course to take. So I followed his advise and I am now in physics with Mr. Fullerton. I can not wait to see what this year has to offer. Physics is every where and in everything: I am taking this course to understan
  25. Today my brother shot me with rubber band. As I began to shot it right back at him, I started to wonder if stretching a rubber band has anything to do with physics. I figured our that stretching a rubber band is a great was to apply and explain forces. Force is a push or a pull motion. Many forces are acting on all the time, especially gravity. The force of gravity is acting on us all of the time. I is weird to think that if I am standing perfectly still on the floor, the floor is pushing up just as hard as gravity is pulling down. Pulling forces and rubber bands. A I slowly stretch
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