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  1. Launch Time: 10:56 Team Members Present: Dan, Jesse, Leighton Play-by-Play: The rocket blasts off with tremendous power as the three solid fuel engines burn brightly. The rocket breaks apart as the engines are released and the next set takes over. Next the final set controls the descent as the cockpit hurtles back to Earth. The cockpit then parachutes down into the water nearby. Summary: 10k flight: $10,000 10k meter manned flight: $20,000 50k meter manned flight: $30,000 Opportunities / Learnings: Solid fuel helps break through atmosphere and fuel needs to be used sparingly whenever possible/ Strategies / Project Timeline: Next we wish to pursue an orbital launch, which is the next milestone we wish to achieve. We don't need to start over, but some improvements are in order. We will need to calculate the thrust to achieve orbit. Milestone Awards Presented: 10,000 meter flight 10,000 meter manned flight 50,000 meter manned flight, Available Funds: 19605 + 2500 + 5000 + 7500 = 30350
  2. Team Name: Ornefler LLP. Available Funds: 30,000 Vehicle Name: First Rocket Vehicle Parts List and Cost: Mk 19-XL Parachute: 850 Mk1 Inline Cockpit : 1600 3 Mk-55 "Thud" Liquid Fuel Engine: 1230 2 TR-18A Stack decoupler: 800 2 FL-T400 Fuel Tank: 1000 LV-T30 "Reliant" Liquid Fuel Engine: 550 3 Advanced Canard: 2400 3 Bigns Spaceplane Tail Fin: 7500 3 RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster: 600 J-404 "Panther" Afterburning Turbofan: 1000 FL-T200 Fuel Tank: 275 3 TT-38K Radial Decoupler: 1800 Total: 19605 Goals: Attain Maximum Altitude Launch Goal: Hopefully achieve a height milestone and return safely to the ground Pilot Plan: Survive Illustrations: Any other photographs or illustrations to help communicate your plan.
  3. L8on


    I'm a big fan of Lego. I wouldn't quite call myself an enthusiast, but I do enjoy a good build every once in a while. I remember when I was little I would always try to build these massive structures and would wonder why they would fall apart. Now I see that It's because of my awful engineering. I would create an immaculate creation with weak pivot points, allowing its natural torque to attack all of the little points I left unguarded, until eventually it would crumble. Or worse yet snap, sending Lego pieces everywhere. The Lego pieces will have fought so hard to remain in place, and once the connection is severed, all of that built up energy goes directly into sending little bricks flying all over the place for you to find months later when you're cleaning behind the couch even though you know for a fact that the Legos never actually left you room and how did they even end up down here... Anyway, here's a Lego particle accelerator...
  4. L8on

    Riding the Waves

    Once when we lived in my old house, we had this nifty little blow-up pool. Basically, you inflate the top of the pool and fill it up so the air lifts up the sides of the pool. My mother always told me to stay away from the sides of the pool, but of course that’s exactly what I didn’t do. One summer me and some friends were all swimming in the pool together and I had the ingenious idea to lift myself up using the side of the pool. This wound up being a very bad idea. You see, as the side went down, some of the water started leaking over the side. This added more weight onto the side pushing it down even more, allowing more water to escape. This vicious cycle did have an end however, though not before traumatizing a poor, unsuspecting child. The force of all that water pouring out was so great, that it literally swept me off of my feet and dragged me down halfway across our backyard, finally stopping at some pine trees growing against our back fence. Although in small quantities water is relatively harmless, we must remember that combined, all that little force begins to add up, creating a tidal wave of destruction
  5. L8on

    Batman Physics

    I'm kinda a fan of super heroes, and one of my favorites is Batman. Not only is he an amazing detective, but he's the only powerless hero tough enough to be a founding member of the justice league, the most powerful collection of heroes in the DC universe. One of the things that makes him so great is his wide array of villains. There's one villain in particular who seems to defy the laws of physics, without having any real powers of his own. I'm talking about the immortal Ra's al Ghul. I say powerless in the sense that, besides his access to the Lazarus pit, he should not have any inhuman abilities. I say should because even with this, he still manages to perform some outrageous feats. One of which was displayed in the movie "The Son of Batman" where he had only his sword against an entire squadron of armed gunmen. This battle should easily go to the group of people with guns, but Ra's manages to actually deflect the bullets with his sword. A bullet travels at over 1000 meters per second, meaning that he would have to react within one ten thousandth of a second in order to move his sword fast enough to actually deflect the bullet.
  6. L8on


    There's another character in my book that has another interesting take on electric abilities. Her power is that she can produce both light and heat from within her body. This is a useful power for getting out of some sticky situations. When captured, she can heat herself up and melt through things like zip-ties or hand-cuffs. She can also light up dark areas when the team has to make a quick escape through some dark sewers. Although these powers don't sound very electric in origin, I assure you they are. McKenna's power comes from her ability to control the current and resistance in her body. By increasing both, she acts like the filament in a light-bulb or a space heater. Thinking like this it would make sense for her to also be able to manipulate her electric potential, expanding the range of her powers and allowing her to perform even more incredible feats.
  7. L8on


    Another cool character is one named Nichelle. Nichelle is sorta like a walking capacitor, but with more control. If she is near one of the other electric children, she can turn on her power, and start drawing it out of them. Apparently having the electricity forcibly drained out of you is kinda painful, because she has brought all the other kids to their knees in pain. This makes her very powerful, but only against the electric children, and she's not liked by any on either side and is tossed aside after she has outlived her usefulness to the company. This occurs after her altercation with the main character Michael. After freeing a small group of rebellious powered children, Michael stages a prison break which is put to a halt by Nichelle. But then, one of Mike's non-powered friends tells him to give her his power, and he does just that. Like I said before, Nichelle is a walking capacitor, and capacitors are notorious for having a capacitance, or maximum capacity. When Michael started feeding her his power, he overloaded the capacitor until she couldn't take it anymore and passed out.
  8. L8on

    Static Scramble

    Now I know what you're thinking, "Dude, is this another blog about Static Shock?" And the answer is no, it's not. This one is about a book, consisting of seventeen children with unique electricity based powers. The first I want to delve into is one I find rather interesting. One of the core main characters, Taylor, has a rather interesting ability. She can mess with bioelectricity. More specifically, she can stop the neural electrons for a moment. This creates a reaction similar to what is caused when someone tries to recover from not actually paying attention to what was going on and snaps out of it confusedly. She calls this "rebooting" them, and this basically grounds a person's brain for just long enough for them to forget what they were doing, such as a teacher yelling at her for passing notes, or a security company trying to kidnap her from her family and use her as a weapon to take over the world (hey, what kind of book did you expect me to read?) All in all, I'd say this is a useful skill to have.
  9. L8on

    Static Air?

    Yup. He even electrifies the air, but only in special circumstances. After being captured in an airtight capsule, Static knew he only had a limited amount of time before he would pass out from lack of oxygen. His electric blasts were useless on the nonconducting glass, and he was running out of ideas, and air! That's when he had his brilliant idea. He could ionize the air. This would cause the particles to bounce around more, making the air expand. He continued this until the glass couldn't handle the pressure and exploded.
  10. L8on

    Static Cling!

    Sticking with our current hero, I'd like to go into one of his other abilities, namely his "static cling." This is also a power from early in the series after he caught his first bad guys. He needed to leave the crooks for the police but didn't want to have to wait around for them. His solution: stick them to the wall. He did this by creating a large amount of static electricity between their clothes and the huge metal warehouse wall. This held them there until the police could arrive, at which point he discharged them from the background before flying off on his little metal disc. Talking more in-depth about the static cling physicsally, this had to be a pretty strong magnetic force. It had to hold the clothes perpendicular to the force of gravity pulling down and I don't know if you've ever rubbed a cloth on metal, but it doesn't exactly have a high coefficient of friction. Therefore, all the upward force needed to counteract gravity would need to come from the static cling, making Static one strong hero.
  11. L8on

    Static Shock!

    There's this show I used to watch as a kid called Static Shock, about this kid who almost got caught up in a gang war but instead get super powers (great premise, right?). His basic skill set revolves around his ability to manipulate electricity, which I thought was fitting considering our current unit, and I think I can get a couple blog posts out of it. Anyway, one of the most memorable uses of his powers is his flying disk. Early on in the series, Static has to make a quick getaway and sees an old metal garbage can lid. He uses his powers to magnetize it and pulls it towards himself. He then proceeds to jump on it and fly away. This is explained in the show by him creating "imbalances in a self-generated electromagnetic field" that force the disc off the ground and allows him to fly. This also allows him to stay on the disc, even while upside-down. So you can bet that when I do inevitably receive the ability to manipulate electricity that I will undoubtedly be putting this to the test.
  12. That's definitely a mistake you only make once. One burnt foot is enough.
  13. L8on


    In my last work entry(not splash though), I forgot to say how I blame physics for me getting wet. I know the pizza cutter could be involve, but that's more my fault. The real problem is all of our bowls and ladles. I don't know why or how, but all of our round dishes have the perfect curvature to completely soak me every time I spray them. It doesn't matter which way i face them or what angle I shoot from, somehow it always manages to soak me. I know the materials have little to know friction, especially with water, so they don't steal much energy. any energy going in is retained coming out. This allows for the proper soakature of the washer(that's me). Then, the angle throughout the bowl is ideal for altering direction, even defying the very laws of physics, just to get me wet. That is not okay, and I fully expect the physics police to go and arrest those bowls while the case holds water, and the ladles before they stir up any more trouble. Until next time, I'm too lazy to look up another goodbye in another language so ta ta for now
  14. L8on


    This title might sound fun, but I can assure you it is not. If you are currently following my snapchat story, you know about the flattop debacle at work. For all you normal people, I'll give a quick recap. Today I had to clean the flat top grill at work. This is done by pouring on pickle juice vinegar on the grill and wiping it off with this brick thing. The trouble was that I had to clean all the corners, and our flattop has these little walls around the cooking area, I assume only for the purpose of causing me pain. So I was using this brick to clean off the stove top, and I decided to go after the corner, brick held firmly in my hands, weighed down significantly by my awesome muscles. The only problem was all the pickle juice left on the stove, and as the space between the wall and the brick grew shorter, the vinegar had to go somewhere. The rate of area loss for the liquid was too grate (if only this story were cheesier...) for it to pour out the front, and it had to push in other directions. Namely up and onto my arm. Can I tell you what's not fun? having burning hot vinegar on your arm. That's not fun. It's pretty much the opposite of fun. Anyway, I blame physics for all my pain and suffering tonight, so until next time, kwaheri
  15. L8on


    Godspeed - an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey. But what is godspeed exactly? Why did this term come about? I'm assuming that it would originate with wishing someone a speedy journey, or a rapid completion of some task... much like this one... But I like to think that this phrase sort of evolved from people trying to one up each other in good wishes. Specifically I'm imagining two people trying to prove that they're the better man, with each response being more angry than the last. Man 1: "May you have a good journey" Man 2: "May you have a speedy journey" 1: "May your velocity always point towards your goal" 2: "May your force guide you their, whichever way it must push" 1: "May your journey require little force multiplied by the distance traveled" 2: "May yours be friction-less" 1: "May yours be completed at c, the speed of light" 2: "May yours be completed within the nanosecond" 3: "May both of your journeys be completed with a speed synonymous with that of God" (1 and 2 lower their heads in shame upon realizing the delinquency of their actions) 1 (whispers): "Speed of Hermes" 2 (also whispers): "Speed of God" 3 (Whispers in triumph): "Godspeed" (1 and 2 now admit defeat at the hand, or more the mouth of, their better) Yeah... so this is what just happened in my head... sorry you had to see that. Back to the point I was going to make, godspeed is a speed which the human mind can barely begin to fathom, much less achieve. Our current laws of physics prevent any object from traveling faster than the speed of light. Godspeed would be millions of times faster than that. It is the speed traveled by a being that exists outside of time, a factor that is kind of necessary when calculating speed. Maybe attaining this speed would be the answer to the question of time travel. Move so fast that you move right out of time, then traipse along to whatever time you want, and slow back down. Maybe say " 'sup " to God on the way too, it is his speed after all. Well, until next time, Kol Tuv
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