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  1. Taking a shower also involves physics in many different ways. The only way the water can get out of the faucet and turn on is using some kind of force that exerts the water upwards to take a shower. Also, the different temperatures are important too so when you are turning it to warm or cold that involves friction making it not too easy to turn it so you don't make it too hot or cold.
  2. Roller coasters are huge and fun to ride on but I've always been confused on the concept of them. How they stay on the track turning the corners so fast has always been a mystery and they Stay on by the force of gravity and the right speed so it turns and doesn't fly off the tracks. This is important because if not it could be potentially dangerous and change the perspective on them.
  3. Throwing a baseball accurately and with velocity is very difficult but it explains physics. My life involved playing baseball everyday and throwing takes a long time to be able to do it hard and accurate. Knowing when to release it and knowing the wind effects the velocity the ball has to get to the person you are trying to throw it.
  4. Today I was driving with my little brother to the barber shop and I realized how much physics is involved with driving around corners due to gravity going a certain speed controls if you stay on the ground or tip over. When turning the corner it feels like you're tilting to one side but in reality gravity is keeping you straight up just feels like it.
  5. Hey everyone! I love my wonderful friends in physics. I love physics its fun. I also like to tell people about when I have to go potty which is where I am right now. Once again im dumb and love physics. with great love and sexiness, Antonio the not so great Morales
  6. In baseball sliding into a bag is actually harder then it looks. The amount of friction can determine if you are safe or out. You have to apply a certain amount of newtons when sliding and keep a constant momentum when going towards the base. This past week when we played east ridge, in the bottom of the 7th I stole 2nd base and had to slide in. the exhilaration going through my body was sensational and when I was safe I was in scoring position to win the game, and we ended it with a walk off and I scored.
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