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    Light is invisible until it bounces of something. Light has to go through a medium such as air first, this is known as diffuse reflection. cool fact is visible light is usually defined as having a wave length in a range of 400 to 700 nanometers. also, if you put a straw in a cup with a liquid, refraction occurs. the straw appears bent.
  2. Walter Lewin, a recently retired professor from MI, was charged with sexual harassment. One woman reported him for online sexual harassment and all of the professors videos were taken down. The video was taken down for legal and respect reasons. The accusation of a MIT professor having innpororoiate behavior needed to be shut down. To protect the highly respected University I understand why they took down the videos to show students come first as well as the professors can’t get away with anything. I don’t believe MIT wanted to turn away the professors great physics videos but under the circumstances is was important, especially to be an example to other colleges, the importance of the student voice. On the contrary it wasn’t fair to Lewin’s hard work. My favorite comment on the article about the situation was how it is fair to take down a physicist video, but Bill Cosby can still have his Cosby show? It’s true both commuted wrong doings but only one is faced with the consequences. Also, students enjoyed his videos and he had a high success rate in his classrooms who studied from his videos so by taking down his videos students lack in study skills and an advantage of leaning is taken from them. In my opinion I think that the videos shouldn’t have been taken down. Communication involving the videos such as messaging or commenting should have been discontinued but the students used the videos to excel at this class. By taking the videos down it really hurt the students more than the professor. I also believe that you can watch a video without any communication, so MIT could prevent that professor from communicating with students outside the classroom but leave the videos. Without proper evidence I can’t define the professor as a good or bad individual. His actions weren't appropriate but I don’t believe that it was fair to disadvantage the students for the professor’s actions.
  3. A cat will remain in inertia until a can of cat food is opened. Cats don't fall on their backs. they twist and usually always fall on their feet. which undermines the law of gravity. Cats use angular momentum to rotate their body and land safety on their feet.
  4. To be successful football player, you have to be good at physics. A football player has to know how to throw the ball at the right speed, time and distance. A tight spiral spins at 600 revolution per minute. Romo has to plan his launch angle and how hard he will throw the ball to make it down the field to Dez Bryant. Incomplete places and some interceptions occur because the science of physics intercepted. Romo's throwing angle and his velocity of his throw are practiced over and over again to perfectly land in Dez's arms or Witten's arms to get a touchdown.
  5. Conservation of energy is shown when firing a pistol. The momentum of a bullet is zero before shooting, after the trigger is pulled there is momentum. To have conservation of energy the momentum of the pistol has to go back to zero., which is why there is recoil. The recoil is the same momentum as when the bullet is released. Recoil is the product of Physics.
  6. Dirt bikes require a lot of control from the driver. surprising standing up on the foot pegs of a dirt bike raises the center of gravity for more control. Standing also increases balance and minimizes inertia.
  7. when a motorcycle turns around a corner, the bike looks like it will fall over, but why doesn't it? Centripetal force wants to keep the bike upright so a biker leans slightly to displace center of mass and center of gravity, this allows the bike to compensate and stay upright.
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