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  1. When visible light, X rays, gamma rays, or other forms of electromagnetic radiation are shined on certain kinds of matter, electrons are ejected. That phenomenon is known as the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect was discovered by German physicist Heinrich Hertz(1857–1894) in 1887. You can imagine the effect as follows: Suppose that a metal plate is attached by two wires to a galvanometer. (A galvanometer is an instrument for measuring the flow of electric current.) If light of the correct color is shined on the metal plate, the galvanometer may register a current. That reading i
  2. So you're now an official physics expert at college! How do you feel? Are paparazzi annoying already? Seriously though, congrats and chin up!
  3. Why is that thread dead? It's an excellent idea for a topic and one would expect it to be flooded with movie examples! Why is it dead? REally? No one wants to try and "explain" curved bullet in "Wanted"?
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