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    Momentum in Billiards

    Just because you analyzed billiards physics in some way you get five stars. I would say that the orientation of the six billiard balls if they were grouped would usually create different resulting velocities from the initial momentum of the cue ball.
  2. willorn

    Impulse and Momentum

    So I read both blogs that have to do with follow through increasing momentum so far, and as an avid badminton player (don't hate on my whiteness) I'm starting to wonder how professionals reach 100 mph speeds with shuttlecocks that have a great amount of drag and if the racket only comes into contact with the shuttlecock a short time.
  3. Neat. we should derive the plaid-Impulse equation.
  4. I'm hoping this is the right place to post for Physics C Problems. I thought I heard that people were confused by the billiards web assign so I thought I'd weigh in. To me it seems like the velocities of the cue ball and the 8-ball have been switched on the webassign, but maybe I'm crazy. Also, I only know from experience that perfectly spherical billiard balls that collide perfectly tangentially ricochet off each other at complimentary angles, but the mathematical explanation in the answer packet leaves a bit to be explained for me. Any clarification would be much appreciated!
  5. It seems to me that when air resistance comes into play for falling objects, the shape of the object will play an important factor. An object (such as a coffee filter) with lots of surface area in opposition to the air below it will have a different resistance force on it than a straight pencil falling in the same surroundings.

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