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  1. thank you for adding this video. Besides being stunning, it brings together many unit topics we've studied. Thanks!
  2. jkane


    watch the ISS cross the sky. Get emails for when, where and for how long! Go to: http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/
  3. jkane

    First Blog Ever :)

    A great sense of accomplishment arises from hard successful work! Thanks for sharing!
  4. are you saying snow days helped develop learning independence ??? I guess snow days are good then!!
  5. nice blog. You are right, dedication is key in learning!
  6. great video and wonderful site. just got to make all lectures that quick and concise and clear and entertaining, yes?
  7. thanks for nice blog. Glad it is turning out better!! love your sign
  8. Great! there is so much physics in gymnastics, I'm glad you thought it was cool. It is all beautiful!
  9. oooh, I'm going to get one of those! thanks for sharing
  10. jkane

    who knew

    what a great view of history!! some of it is pretty speculative but still very thought provoking.
  11. nice blog. is there a url for that erasable highlighter explaination?
  12. nice reference blog. Wouldn't it be nice if all the thinking for a test counted as work?
  13. jkane

    I Figured it out!

    well explained and so helpful to say so others can read. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I hope the view from the mountain top makes the climb worthwhile. Thanks for sharing and so glad you have been sucessful!
  15. I will remember this blog and the importance of doing. Thanks for sharing
  16. What ever works will do! I think it is a good story!
  17. Thanks fo the thougths and perspective. Thanks for sharing that learning physics is valuable! Did you do that drawing? It is really cool.
  18. thanks for reading posts, posting and sharing!
  19. love the video. I used to have that watch! Method sounds familar yes? Thanks for finding the video
  20. Thanks for sharing. I think perhaps it is helpful to say these things because others have probably been there too and maybe some who are still in the fog may know that it might make more sense soon. jk
  21. I like to think of it as explaining our lives. It answers those "I wonder" questions. nice blog!
  22. nice blog. love your name. I suspose the biologists would argue that life isn't physics but if not physics, it is ruled by physics! jk
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