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  1. jkane
    watch the ISS cross the sky. Get emails for when, where and for how long! Go to: http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/
  2. jkane
    Our H Physics class just recieved the results from their experiments in the CELERE program (Portland State University and NASA) which provides an opportunity for students to explore the effect of microgravity on the capillary action of oil in channels in experiments of their own design. http://celere.mme.pdx.edu/CELERE_2014/ (If you want to participate, the next and final due date for designs is April 1, 2014 : http://spaceflightsystems.grc. nasa.gov/CELERE/ ). Next students will attempt to quantify the effects. We are also looking at how we could improve the experiments, something often neglected in HS experiments.
  3. jkane
    We have come a long way from alligator clips in circuits. See the new circuits that are only microns thick: http://physicsinventions.com/index.php/worlds-lightest-thinnest-circuits-pave-way-imperceptible-electronics/
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