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  1. yea there's a lot to do with lifting and running. instead of just doing it
  2. it wasn't mine either but definitely learned alot
  3. A car is the main thing people use to get around. But people usually just get in and go, and then hit the brake either at a stop sign or a stop light. Then they hit the gas when that person is able to go. But driving a car has a lot more than just hitting the gas and brake. There is a lot of factors that have to deal with physics involved. First, there is many forces acting on a car when it is at rest and when it is moving. Some of those forces are the normal force, which is the car itself. Also, there is a force of friction when the tires are in contact with the ground. Then the force of the ground acting back on the car. Next, once you hit the gas and get going you start to have a velocity. The Faster that you go the more your velocity will pick up, and once you start going the same speed you velocity will start to level out to a constant speed. Lastly, there is momentum when driving. When you have a bigger momentum, it will take longer for you to stop and likewise for a smaller momentum. To find these things you can do your own time trails. and then your reference table and plug in the numbers to solve it.
  4. roller coasters are fun. cant wait to get to seabreeze this year
  5. AndrewB

    Waves at Concerts!

    Very true, cause your just trying to listen to the music.
  6. This is where everybody goes after their day. It is supposed to be comfortable so people can relax after a long day of whatever they were doing. A bed can be the difference between being tired or rested for the next day.4 The bed has many forces that work on it at one time. There is the normal force that is acting on a bed, is the bed itself. A force of friction that happens on a bed is when your sheets move, this can cause friction. The force due to gravity is yourself plus the bed. You can also find the force on a spring inside the bed with the formula of, the spring constant times the change in the spring length. Also, you can find the potential energy stored in one of those springs is not that hard to find. This can be found by the change in the spring length squared multiplied by spring constant divided by two. this could be something interesting to find because these numbers could vary to where the person is lying.
  7. seems like alot of forces are working agianst you
  8. AndrewB

    Look Out Below!

    That must of been scary. it had probally had taken a beating.
  9. There is many types of geese that fly around, that you might not even notice. The most common type of goose is the canadian, this is one that has a black neck, brown on the top side of the body and white on the underside of the body. The next kinda is the snow goose, which is mostly all white, and their wing tips are darker like blue or black in color. Lastly, there is a goose named the lesser. They are usally smaller than the other two just mentioned, but this type is usally blue in color. When the birds are flying they can get up to 40 miles per hour. The speed can be affected by the wind that is occuring that day. Geese usally fly with the wind, in case they use their momentum from the wing beats to help carry them for a longer distance. This is so that they don't kill themselves by beating their wings the whole time when they are flying from a feild to water. Or migrating from way up in Canada to all the way down to somewhere warmer for the winter when it gets cold up north. But when they land it is the total opposite. They fly into the wind and use their wings to help them slow down enough and get low enough to make a safe landing. This shows that they know how to use speed and momentum to their advantage when flying and when landing they can do the opposite. Im sure most people had knowing that they flew and could land because they could see that with their eyes. This is just showing that is more than that they fly and land, it shows how they do so.
  10. AndrewB

    Physics of Pre-School

    I remember doing this. Didnt really know about all the things that went into it back then though.
  11. AndrewB

    Physics of Sailing

    Didnt know sailing was this hard. I just thought you try to get the sail so it catches the wind and then you go.
  12. Before we got our liscenses we would either depend on our two feet, a bike, or finding somebody to give us a ride. We were taught to ride a bike with training wheels and then just two wheels. Parents always by your side until you get the hang of it enough and they just kick back and watch. But they never told you the physics that went into riding a bicycle. The potential energy that a person could have towards riding a bike starts when they are standing over the frame, either thinking about what path they are going to take this time. But when they start to pedal that potential energy turns into kinetic energy, and every pause in between the pedaling there is a little gain of the potential to be used to help pedal agian. Momentum can affect how much pedaling you do. This is because when you pedal that momentum will keep you going a certian speed and slowly that speed will diminish, which will you will have to pedal agian. A way to find your average velocity on a bike is to set up cones at a certian distance apart. Then get two people, one to time you riding andone to tell the timer when to stop his or her stop watch. The bicycle rider has to get up to a average speed so that your calculations can be somewhat accurate. Then once you collect the data, you can use the equation velocity is equal to distance over the time. Your parents probally didnt tell you all this because you would get really confused and have no idea what they were talking about. This is an idea of how physics goes into riding a bike.
  13. Shopping can take alot of time if you dont know what you are looking for or if you just get caught up looking in a store. it also can take alot of time.
  14. Whenever you shoot a gun you have to be aware of your surrounding and what the gun will do after it is fired. Before you shoot it you should know your target and beyond. Also for saftey you should have eye and ear protection, because the gun is loud when fired and it could kick back. The right shooting position could can be the difference between an injury or you just having another day at the range. For Example, if you have a 12 guage shot gun with a slug barrel on it this could potentialy have a alot of recoil to it. This is because this is a shorter barrel and designed for taking down big game. When the gun is shot the bullet is travelling around 1500 to 2000 feet per second which is really fast. So by the bullet going forward there will be a force that has to push back on something, and that something is the person firing the gun. This is why you need to have the right stance and shoulder the gun correctly, so that when you can absorb the recoil when the gun is fired, and most of the recoil will go through you and into the ground. Also, momentum of a gun can play a roll in the recoil that it will have. When it is fired there is usally a shift in momentum because the gun was rest and then when fired it moves forward, then something has to bring it to a stop and that is the person. This is because the perosn is usally stationary and in a way connected to the gun when it is fired, so this is also helps brings it to a rest.
  15. what did you end up taking in college and did this class help you with it. because i am trying to go the way you went in college.
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