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  1. kramsey


    I love going on roller coasters! It's cool to be able to understand the physics of it!
  2. I have never even heard of white holes, and that there are 4 sizes of black holes. This is really cool!
  3. There has been a firm belief throughout my life that yawning is contagious, meaning that if you were to see someone yawn, it would then cause you to yawn as well. This is in fact true. Despite many believing it was only a myth, yawning is contagious. Yawning itself is your bodys way of telling you that you need more oxygen. It does not in fact have to do with being tired although it is associated with it. You could be wide awake and yawn just because you need more oxygen. the common belief behing contagious yawning is mirror neurons. For those of you who have taken psychology you should under
  4. I remember when we did this in class. I used to love doing this as a kid! So much fun@!
  5. I'm so surprised that so much physics goes into ghost hunting. I used to love whating ghost hunters, now I will never look at them the same.
  6. As a kid I used to love watching Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner! When ever he chased the Road Runner and happened to run off a cliff, he would stay there for a few seconds, look at the audiance with a petrified stare, and then finally fall. To a six year old this all made perfect sense, but now, understanding the laws of physics, it would be impossible for him to not fall immediately. When an object falls from any height gravity takes over forcing the object to go down. Following the laws of gravity, Wile E. should fall as soon as he steps off the cliff. The other thing that Wile E. does
  7. There are many theories as to what could be inside a black hole. Although there is no official evidence, some theories seem plausible and could change everything we know about our universe. One major theory is that inside every black hole is a universe. Meaning that our entire universe is within a supermassive black hole, which is then within a parent universe. Some of the unsolved questions that correspond with the big bang have been answered with the black hole theory. There are two central theories that the big bang does not solve. First, general relativity has to do with gravity. It des
  8. I always wondered why the beaches here and some other beaches get so hot, while others stay nice and cold. I never realized that it was what makes up the sand that causes it to get so hot.
  9. I've always kind of wanted to try this,and now that I understand the physics of it all, it sounds like a ton of fun! I never realized that wingsuits travel to fast!
  10. There has often been the question of wether cats see in color or not. Many believe, simply from myths they hear as children, that cats only see in black and white. This statement is in fact not true. Similarly to humans, cats have rods and cones in the back of their eyes, rods for seeing black, white, and grey, and cones for seeing colors. So based solely on the biological aspect of the cats eyes, they should be able to see color. It is their perception of color that is different from humans. In order to see color, light waves must travel through the air and reflect off of different objects.
  11. This is an awesome way to look at preception and how it affects drawing. I would have never considered that the colors we see are all actually just relfected light!
  12. I never realized how much work really goes into Zumba! Great post!
  13. I have always wondered to myself if cats ALWAYS land on their feet and if so, how they do it? By watching the video below, I have found the answers to my question. The process in which cats go through to land on their feet is amazing. Their "aerial righting reflex" is an instinctive trait within cats that becomes prominent after 7 weeks of age. The righting process begins with the cat's eyes and ears. Using their eyes and ears, the cat finds where the ground is. After, it bends the front legs and then the back legs under it's body, then arches it's back to reduce the force of impact.
  14. Speeding Lab Kasey Ramsey James Wilczewski Thespeeding lab involves tracking the speed of cars passing in front ofIrondequoit High School and indicate whether they are speeding or not. This labwas conducted to determine how many civilians actually follow the speed limitput in place within the area around the school. In order to figure out each cars speed wecreated a detailed procedure. Before the procedure we needed a measuring tape,and stopwatch. Our first step was to create a data table to record theinformation during the procedure. After we created a set distance fr
  15. After reading that first paragraph I feel like I know everything about you! I agree with your reasons for taking physics. :tyrannosaurus:
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