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  1. Walking is something that we do every day, without thinking about it. Its seems very simple and straight forward. You just put one foot in front of the other and you move. But it is kind of complicated. It has a lot to do with forces. Newton's laws of motion are involved. So what do forces have to do with walking? Newton's third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is relevant to walking because when you put your foot on the ground, you are applying a force to it. In doing this, the ground also actually applies an equal force onto your foot, in the opposite
  2. that would be so awesome! but still really scary haha
  3. its pretty cool how sound can bend and still reach you even if stuff is blocking the waves ^^
  4. Weird things can happen in balloons. They're affected a lot by static electricity. This is why it will stick to a wall or your clothes after it has been rubbed against something else, like your hair. This happens because of the charge of the balloon and whatever you're trying to stick it to. Something that is charged negatively will stick to something that is positively charged. If you rub a balloon against your head, it becomes negatively charged because it gains electrons from your hair. This picture shows what happens when you put a charged balloon on a wall. The balloon is negatively
  5. i never thought about how potential energy relates to this, it's pretty cool
  6. i have always been suspicious that energy drinks are terrible. hm.
  7. Have you ever wondered how compasses work? How they always point the same direction? It's because the Earth is just a big magnet! Compasses are magnetized so they always point north, no matter where you are on the Earth. But why does this happen? That is because the north side of the compass is attracted to the geographic North pole. This shouldn't make sense because opposites attract, so two north poles of a magnet should repel each other. This can be easily explained- the "North Pole" is really the magnetic south pole of the Earth. So when a compass is pointing north, it is really poin
  8. i always wondered about the sail. it seems so confusing!
  9. i didn't realize how many waves there were in a place like that! with all the lights and the music too
  10. Everyone likes trampolines. But how do they even work? It's all about energy, and at the same time, proves Newton's laws of motion. Potential energy (PE) and kinetic energy (KE) are the reason trampolines allow you to jump higher than you can on flat ground. One type of potential energy that is involved with trampolines is the potential energy stored in springs. Another type of energy is gravitational potential energy. There is also kinetic energy because you are moving. The equation that connects potential and kinetic energy to find total energy (E) is: E=PE+KE+Q The total energy of th
  11. I never realized that the reason you cant do a full circle on a normal swing has so much to do with the loose chains. Now it makes soo much more sense
  12. Drawing is much more complicated than many people think. It also has a lot to do with physics. The main physics behind drawing is light waves. This is because light is a type of wave, which carries energy like all other waves. Light is essential for drawing, or any other kind of art. Light allows you to see, and more specifically, it allows you to see an object’s shape, color and the shadows on it. Being able to see all these things makes it possible to take a 3D object and put it on a piece of paper. The way light lets you to see objects and colors is by reflection. White light is where a
  13. the universe is pretty coool.
  14. i don't think anyone knows what to expect... haha
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